Constructing Manufacturing Plants with Space Optimization in Mind

When contracted by material handling clients to build production facilities, construction and engineering procurement construction (EPC) companies play an important role in the client’s overall success.

The design and layout of these facilities impacts the efficiency of and space available for inventory and employees, which has a huge impact on day to day operations. When it comes to manufacturing plant construction, the key to creating the ultimate production center is to optimize space.

Not only do on-floor movers add costs by taking away floor space from inventory movement and storage, but they can also pose safety risks to operators. An innovative way to avoid these risks is to take advantage of the often overlooked ceiling space.Satellite Crane

Overhead Lifting Solutions

There are many overhead lifting solutions and custom crane systems available to reduce clutter, enhance crane safety, and increase productivity within manufacturing plants. Overhead lifting systems, such as cranes, monorails, hoists, jibs, bridges, gantries, and trolleys, can all be operated manually, pneumatically, or electrically.

Offering extreme precision and control, each type of overhead system maneuvers loads along three axes to an exact location while minimizing product damage during movement. The automation and built-in technology of these lifts also enables real-time data output on load info and run time, so plant managers always have an eye on production to identify areas for improvement and optimization.

Most importantly, overhead lifting solutions help to prevent work-related injuries by reducing the number of obstacles on the floor and limiting the amount of manual lifting employees must do. These solutions offer the lifting capacity and precision required for high-efficiency production output, by keeping facility floors clear, thereby reducing the need for manual machine operation.

By designing a manufacturing plant with these options in mind, EPC companies can help to create safer, space-optimized production facilities for their clients.

Other Safety & Space-Saving Advantages

If you are interested in learning more about the safety and space-saving advantages of overhead lifting equipment in your facility, we invite you to download a free copy of our guide, The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Overhead Equipment.
The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Overhead Equipment

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