American Crane offers a wide range of services to meet the material handling needs of various industries. With a focus on safety, efficiency, and innovation, their team of experts provides exceptional service — from field services and load testing to site support and compliance inspections. We are dedicated to ensuring that our clients receive efficient and effective solutions that meet their unique requirements.

Cranes & Hoist Parts Cranes & Hoist Parts

With an easy-to-use interface, our online store offers a convenient way for clients to purchase new products, replenish their inventories and prepare for upcoming busy seasons.

Cranes & Hoist Parts
Field Services Field Services

Our team of experienced and qualified technicians who are ready to support all your on-site needs. Our technicians can perform regularly scheduled maintenance, diagnose problems, and more.

Field Services
Load Testing Services Load Testing Services

American Crane provides a variety of load testing services and expert assessments for load-bearing equipment, ensuring compliance with necessary regulations and standards.

Load Testing Services
Nuclear Plant Crane & Hoist Upgrades Nuclear Plant Crane & Hoist Upgrades

To maintain safety and reliability standards, we provide lifting equipment upgrades for nuclear power plants that are approaching or exceeding a service life of 30 years.

Nuclear Plant Crane & Hoist Upgrades
Plant Outage Crane Support Services Plant Outage Crane Support Services

We provide plant outage crane support services for various types of plants, including nuclear plants.

Plant Outage Crane Support Services
Quality & Testing Quality & Testing

We maintain a robust quality assurance program for our safety-related products and services, offering various levels of programs from nuclear to standard commercial.

Quality & Testing
Site Support Site Support

We provide customized crane site support services for companies that use heavy-duty material handling equipment ranging from supervision to extensive turnkey solutions.

Site Support
OSHA Compliance Inspection OSHA Compliance Inspection

American Crane offers OSHA compliance inspection services through a highly experienced team that can identify and address potential violations for equipment manufactured by American Crane or other manufacturers.

OSHA Compliance Inspection
Equipment Upgrades Equipment Upgrades

American Crane provides crane evaluations, upgrades, and rebuild services to help avoid costly downtime and extend the lifespan of your equipment.

Equipment Upgrades