At American Crane & Equipment Corporation (ACECO), we have extensive experience providing material handling equipment for aerospace and aviation applications. From aircraft manufacturing facilities to rocket satellite construction, we can design and manufacture equipment to meet your specific needs, whether you are building flight components or performing maintenance and service.

Aerospace & Aviation
  • Our Products

    Whether you’re in the aerospace, nuclear, or oil and gas industry, the equipment you use matters. That’s why our team is committed to ensuring you receive the right material handling solution for your needs. We offer numerous off-the-shelf products as well as a range of custom engineering and manufacturing capabilities. Together, they enable us to provide equipment ranging from small, 1/2-ton ratchet lever hoists to large, 300-ton overhead cranes for various applications.

    We can deliver standard cranes, critical lift cranes, cleanroom cranes, and other specialized material handling units and accessories. They can be fitted with various features for enhanced safety and performance, such as redundant hoist reeving systems, overspeed and misreeving protection mechanisms, emergency hoist brakes, precision control systems, remote operator stations, and EMI filters. We can also provide spare parts and crane upgrades as needed to help keep your equipment in optimal working condition.

  • Our Services

    ACECO is more than a manufacturer of material handling equipment. In addition to providing equipment, our experienced and knowledgeable team can provide assistance with the following:

    • Design and engineering
    • Product support
    • Outage support
    • Retrofitting
    • Upgrades
    • Load testing
    • Inspection
    • Training
  • Our Certifications

    We invest in quality employees and equipment. Our facility is equipped with state-of-the-art material preparation and CNC machining units and a UL508 certified panel shop. Our welders are certified to American Welding Standard (AWS) D1.1 (structural welding) and D14.1 (industrial and mill cranes) and Canadian Standards Association (CSA) W47.1. That’s why, when you purchase a material handling unit from us, you can be sure that it will hold up to the job.

Total Project Capabilities

  • Assembling aircraft
  • Carrying loads over turbines or other critical equipment
  • Handling time-sensitive loads for space flight hardware manufacturing operations
  • Transporting high-value aerospace satellites

In the aerospace and aviation industries, cranes and hoists are often used to lift, move, and position potentially hazardous or highly sensitive loads. As such, they must be engineered with performance, efficiency, and safety in mind.

Equipped with over 40 years of experience designing and manufacturing machines for some of the most complex lifting configurations and highest-risk applications, our engineering team has what it takes to deliver appropriate equipment solutions for even the most complicated lifting jobs in the aerospace and aviation industries. Some of the applications for which we can design and build equipment include

Partner With ACECO for Your Aerospace/Aviation Industry Needs Today

At ACECO, we are your expert, craftsman, and partner for all material handling equipment needs. Whether you’re in the aerospace/aviation industry or another industry, we can provide you with a standard or custom equipment solution that fully meets your requirements.

To learn more about our products and services and how we serve the aerospace/aviation industry, contact us today. To discuss your equipment requirements with one of our representatives, request a quote.

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