Critical Lifting

Cranes and hoists are responsible for managing loads in some of the world’s most complex lifting configurations and highest-risk applications. At American Crane & Equipment Corp., we craft machines to meet the heaviest, toughest, and most intense application needs, and we have done so for over 40 years.

We offer a wide range of material handling solutions, from ¼-ton hoists to equipment with 1,000 tons of overhead lifting capacity, and we routinely exceed CMAA duty requirements for service classifications A through F.

Our critical lifting equipment is used in various industries and applications, including aerospace operations, nuclear facilities, and oil and gas operations.

Defining Critical Lifting

Any industry utilizing extremely high-value equipment or dangerous loads relies on critical lifting equipment. In these applications, mistakes are not an option; critical lifting cranes are used to handle hazardous and highly sensitive loads, and therefore must be built for optimal efficiency, safety, and performance. They’re also particularly useful for difficult load-lifting configurations, where the risk of dropping a load is particularly high.

High-Performance Critical Lift Equipment

No challenge is too daunting for the engineers at American Crane, even when dealing with the most complex critical lifts. We can design and build equipment in a wide range of configurations, including carefully designed models for handling the following:

  • High-value aerospace satellites
  • Nuclear related materials
  • Loads carried over turbines and other critical equipment
  • Time-sensitive loads for space flight hardware manufacturing
  • Complex configurations in aircraft assembly

The features required in a well-designed critical lifting tool will depend on the specific application at hand. Our team offers a full selection of high-performance options, and can create custom cranes and hoists to fit precise needs.

Our critical lift engineering options include:

  • Redundant braking systems
  • Redundant Reeving Systems
  • Single failure-proof designs
  • Special under hook grapples and handling devices
  • LC controls, including safety-critical features
  • Anti-collision protection
  • Redundant travel drives
  • Real-time x, y, and z positioning
  • Variable speed controls, including micro-speeds
  • Comprehensive quality assurance oversight
  • Seismic Qualifications
  • NOG-1, NUREG 0554, and NUM-1 Compliant designs

Critical Lift Solutions From American Crane

Whether dealing with wastewater, clean rooms, or critical lifts, American Crane is proud to provide industry-leading material handling equipment. Dedicated to safety, reliability, and longevity, we regularly exceed strict industry-standard requirements — even for the most demanding jobs. Our in-house quality assurance program backs every one of our lifting solutions, and each piece is fully assembled and completely tested prior to shipment.

Ready to learn more about our critical lifting solutions and high-performance custom cranes? Check out our buyer’s guide, or reach out to one of our experts to discuss options for your specific needs.