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Cleveland Tramrail Parts

Cleveland Tramrail Crane Systems is a Gorbel® subsidiary with a complete line of Gorbel Crane Technology products. Gorbel’s patented underhung systems and track monorail have been in use since 1919 and can be custom designed for high-capacity solutions. They come in straight and curved tracks and interlocks for switches and bridge cranes to change the direction of tracks for use with various work centers. Clients include paint and line coating, foundries, and necropsy laboratories.

Cleveland Tramrail has been an industry leader for over a century with a line of monorail systems, pre-engineered Tarca® free-standing and ceiling-mounted overhead crane systems, and underhung systems. At American Crane and Equipment Corporation, we supply a wide range of products from Cleveland Tramrail.


Cleveland Tramrail Product Offerings at American Crane

As a supplier of some of Cleveland Tramrail’s essential parts, we stock their primary product categories which include SAFPOWRBAR® products and “ST” collectors and brackets.


Type “ST” Collectors and Brackets

  • “ST” Collectors: Assemblies, sliding shoes, cleaning shoes, terminals, support shafts and spacers, and other “ST” collector parts.
  • Support Brackets: Low position and high position idler and motorhead support brackets.


SAFPOWRBAR® Components

  • Collector Leads and Current Taps: SAFPOWRBAR® collector lead and current tap for 3 or 4 conductor bar end truck electrification.
  • Conductor Bar Ends: SAFPOWRBAR® conductor bar ends for interlocks and plastic guide.
  • Conductor Bars: SAFPOWRBAR® conductor bars can be cut to any length or come in standard 10-foot and 21-foot sections in steel or copper. Individual sections can be custom-made and included in SAFPOWRBAR® orders. They come in crates consisting of 12, 36, or 100 units. Crate charges can be added at the time of order or issued by Gorbel® on a secondary invoice.
  • Couplings: SAFPOWRBAR® steel, stainless steel, and Green Cover Steel couplings, current taps, and end caps.
  • In-Line Air Gap Insulator Assemblies: SAFPOWRBAR® single bar break in-line air gap insulator assemblies, double bar break in-line air gap insulator assemblies, combination double and single bar break in-line air gap insulator assemblies, and expansion-joint assemblies.
  • Plastic Guides: SAFPOWRBAR® plastic guides with an angle cut for switches in right or left-hand angle cuts at 30, 37, or 45 degrees. Air gap spacers can be custom cut to any degree desired.
  • Special Support Insulators: SAFPOWRBAR® special support insulators for switches with two types of Allen bolts in single or double support,
  • Support Bolts: SAFPOWRBAR® support bolts for brackets in packaged sets of four, including bolts, nuts, and lock washers.
  • Support Insulators: SAFPOWRBAR® single and double support insulators with stud brackets packaged in sets of three.


Cleveland Tramrail Parts From ACECO

Cleveland Tramrail by Gorbel® offers a wide range of products and tracks, including interlocks, curves, and switches. At American Crane, we offer Cleveland Tram’s popular SAFPOWRBAR® products and “ST” collectors and brackets. Every Cleveland Tramrail product from ACECO comes with the support of our licensed engineers, rigorous testing, and in-house quality assurance to ensure the products we ship to you undergo testing for complete functionality.

American Crane is a leader in cranes, material handling equipment, and hoists. We also carry a variety of components ready to ship from one of our three Pennsylvania facilities. We believe GRIT matters, putting integrity, heart, and perseverance into every transaction to satisfy our clients. Contact us to learn more about our capabilities or request a quote on our available Cleveland Tramrail components.