Slab Handling

When dealing with materials such as slag, coke, sludge, or scrap, it’s critical to employ high-performance, reliable material handling equipment that can withstand harsh, demanding environments. Cranes specifically built for these uses offer reliable performance and optimal strength for various applications.

For slab lifting and handling, in particular, cranes must offer both durability and versatility to ensure optimal reliability and safety.

High-Performance Slab Handling

Commercial slab handling demands machines that provide both heavy-duty versatility and high-speed production performance. Some of the most common slab handling jobs include:

  • Transporting hot slabs from continuous casting machine conveyors to storage or to be fed through rolling mills
  • Settled concrete repairs for sidewalks, driveways, roads, and runways
  • Constructing foundations, retaining walls, and slab floors for both residential and large-scale commercial projects

Slab handling cranes are specifically built to allow for versatility and easy swapping of lifting devices. Custom features include power and signal cables attached directly to crane girders, heavy-duty components, and extremely stable, lightweight engineering.

Slab steel mill cranes are designed to endure high temperatures and harsh environments. These cranes help ensure safe reliable slab handling. Slab steel mill cranes offer uncompromising smoothness and reliable safety assurance.

Slab Handling Solutions From American Crane

Offering speed, stability, and strength for crucial slab lifting applications, cranes also allow for extremely efficient and economical operations.

At American Crane, we design and fabricate a wide range of material handling solutions, from ¼-ton hoists to equipment with 300 tons of overhead lifting capacity. And to suit clients’ specific needs, various custom features can be added for all types of loads.

Our cranes routinely meet and exceed industry guidelines, as well as CMAA duty cycle requirements and service classifications A through F.

Every unit is backed up by our in-house, comprehensive quality assurance program, and is fully assembled and tested prior to shipment. To learn more about our heavy-duty slab handling cranes, custom services, and lifting solutions, reach out to the team today.