American Crane can supply equipment to meet all your Energy Industry needs. Material handling equipment plays an important role in the energy industry from new plant construction, outages and maintenance to the manufacturing of plant components and spare parts. American Crane can supply solutions for Nuclear, Thermal, Hydro, Wind Energy, Fossil Fuels, Biofuels & Solar.

Cranes For The Energy Industries at ACECO

Products We Offer Include:

  • High Capacity Turbine Handling Cranes
  • Turbine cranes must be designed for CMAA Class A1 service, with features that allow the crane to sit for long idle periods, followed by high production during maintenance activities. The cranes must be reliable and ready to go when the need demands. Typically, the cranes are in the 40-100 ton range, but can be provided up to 300 tons if necessary.
  • Long Lift “Catalyst” Hoists for Coal Fired Plants
  • The catalyst hoist can be provided with lifts in excess of 200 ft, in order to lower the catalyst to the ground for maintenance. High speed hoisting speeds are provided to increase productivity.
  • Spark Resistant & Explosion Proof Cranes for Petroleum Production
  • American Crane has supplied numerous cranes for petroleum production in Alaska and the Middle East. The cranes typically feature non-sparking components including bronze wheels, bronze hooks and stainless load chain or wire rope.
  • Cranes for Cold Weather Oil Production Environments
  • Cranes provided by American Crane are capable of operating in temperatures up to minus 50 degrees and can be provided with certification of Charpy V-Notch testing on girders. Low temperature lubricants are supplied for all bearings and gearing.
  • Double Girder Jib Cranes
  • These massive cranes, engaged in gas and oil drilling operations, can be manufactured in capactiies up to 15 metric tons and up to 10 meter boom lengths. The cranes are used for unloading supply ships, and must take into account impact factors associated with marine service. American Crane marine service jib cranes are designed to meet API standards, with deflection ratios of L/225 to provide maximum rigidity and strength. Overturning Moments in excess of 3.5 million foot pounds are common with this type of crane design.

We offer custom designed solutions manufactured and engineered in-house as well as many standard “off the shelf” products. From small 1/2 ton ratchet lever hoists to 300 ton overhead cranes, we have the right equipment for your application.

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