Coffing Hoists Parts Distributor

Coffing Hoists parts distributor logoCoffing Hoists, a highly trusted Columbus McKinnon brand, is committed to reliability, safety, and efficiency in its manual and powered line of lifting and positioning parts. With Coffing’s product focus on user-friendliness and affordability coupled with high performance, American Crane & Equipment Corporation (ACECO) is proud to be a Coffing parts distributor. Our experienced sales team can assist you in securing the right products for your equipment, including:

Coffing Hoists Parts at American Crane

To best serve our clients in diverse industries with the parts and equipment you need, ACECO supplies a comprehensive line of Coffing products for your convenience.

Coffing Brake Components

We distribute Coffing brake wheels, springs, pistons, covers, assemblies, and much more at ACECO. We aim to ensure you have access to the necessary components for achieving full stopping power and control at all times in your cranes and hoists.

Coffing Chain and Wire Rope

Our wide variety of Coffing wire ropes, load chains, rope guards, anchors, and related components allow for greater application versatility. We’re here to help you select the right Coffing wire rope or chain product rated for your particular hoist and load.

Coffing Control Components

When you’re working with equipment as large as cranes, precision control of your machinery is vital not just for efficiency but for worker safety. Our Coffing control component offerings include switches, limit switch shafts, paddles, reversing contactors, and more for smooth operations.

Coffing Gearing Components

ACECO stocks all the Coffing gearing parts you might need to achieve smooth and simple movement, from geared wheels, output gears, and geared wheel assemblies to gear shafts and geared side plates.

Coffing Hoist Frame Components

We supply a full line of Coffing frame parts, including suspension plates, side frames, transmission frames, and other suspension components. They’re available in many types and sizes to suit your varied needs.

Coffing Hooks/Lower Blocks

Your hoist’s hook blocks, lower blocks, and block assemblies can’t be anything less than fully reliable and secure. Source Coffing’s dependable hook safety claws, hook assemblies, hook and latch assemblies, bottom block assemblies, and related components from American Crane.

Coffing Motor Components

Protect your motor and its parts by using Coffing motor plates. You can support the front suspension and prevent your motor from shifting around to enhance accuracy and speed in your operation.

Coffing Trolley Parts

Your hoist depends on its trolley for precision movement. From lug assemblies, wheel assemblies, and hand wheels to one- and two-speed hoists and beyond, ACECO carries what you need for proper hoist support.

Coffing Spare Parts

We also stock a broad spectrum of Coffing parts to help prevent operational downtime and maintain optimal functionality in your hoist and crane equipment. This includes axles, rivets, bearings, washers, and other components to assist in safe and effective lifting and positioning. 

American Crane: Your Coffing Product Supplier

At ACECO, we believe our clients deserve the best hoist and crane parts available because we understand the critical nature of the work you do. That’s why we maintain an extensive catalog of parts from Coffing Hoist as well as other reputable vendors in our online store of over 40,000 parts. 

For assistance finding the right Coffing product or to request a quote, don’t hesitate to contact us.