Whether you are a large Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) company looking for a robust overhead lifting system for new plant construction, or a contractor looking for reliable and dependable cranes, hoists, lifting chains or rigging attachments; we have the equipment for your specific application.

EPC companies have contracted with us to manufacture new equipment or rebuild existing equipment for a variety of industries from power generation to aerospace. Our cranes and hoists are used in critical environments where safety cannot be compromised. We provide custom engineered industrial cranes and hoists with capacities of up to 300 tons.

For commercial or private contractors, we can supply high capacity cranes and hoists, as well as small capacity equipment such as ½-ton ratchet lever hoists. Our distributed product lines include well-known brand names such as Budgit, CM, Chester, Coffing, Shaw Box, Yale, and many more. Here are just some of the applications where we supply equipment:

  • Commercial Construction
    • High Capacity Equipment:
    • Overhead double girder bridge or box girder cranes ensure robust lifting systems
    • Compensator Hoist:
    • Electric chain hoist attached to crane hook that allows for tilting and precision positioning of pre-formed floor decks
    • Crane Fork & Special Lifters:
    • Lifting and moving various construction supplies such as bricks and tools
    • Plate Clamps:
    • Used to pick up sheets of steel, stone and even glass in the horizontal or vertical position
  • Power Plants
    • Long Lift Equipment:
    • Turbine cranes and maintenance cranes offer dependability during the installation and maintenance of the turbine in natural gas, biomass, geothermal, hydro and waste-to-energy power plants and are often used in plant shutdowns
    • Critical Lift Equipment:
    • For difficult lifting configurations when the risk of dropping the load is greater
    • Single Failure-Proof Equipment:
    • The special features on this equipment, like redundant holding brakes and overload protection, ensure safe and reliable lifts
    • Lever Hoists:
    • Positioning beams, pipes and plates for welding and boilers and structural components
    • Shackles:
    • Provide versatile lifting point for a wide range of rigging applications; various materials and types to match the shackle with the job
    • High Capacity Hand Chain Hoists:
    • Used during maintenance for the precise lifting of turbines and other heavy components
  • Wind Energy
    • Electric and Wire Rope Hoists:
    • Help to service wind turbines and power transformers to avoid disruption of plant operations
    • Spreader Beams:
    • Assist in lifting the nacelle, blades, and tower sections
    • Hoist Rings:
    • Attachment used when lifting and rotating tower sections
    • Hooks:
    • Designed to be used with synthetic slings, wire rope, or chain slings
    • Lifting Clamps:
    • Used for the loading, unloading and installation of various components
  • Bridges & Highways
    • Bridge Repair Travelers:
    • Enables inspection and maintenance of the underside of bridges
    • Hand Chain Hoists:
    • Positioning and holding beams in place for welding or bolting
    • Chain Slings:
    • Lifting and moving beams and decks
    • Wire Grips & Wire Rope Pullers:
    • Tightening or pulling wire rope and cable

We offer custom designed solutions manufactured and engineered in-house as well as many standard “off the shelf” products. From small 1/2 ton ratchet lever hoists to 300 ton overhead cranes, we have the right equipment for your application.

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