Gorbel Crane Equipment & Parts

Gorbel PartsAmerican Crane provides a large range of Gorbel Cranes to lift and transport materials of any weight or size. Gorbel’s 40 years of ergonomic lifting and material handling knowledge has resulted in high-quality, efficient machinery capable of handling loads from 40 pounds to 50 tons. We supply a range of Gorbel equipment to suit the needs of diverse applications.


Gorbel Parts Available Through American Crane

American Crane’s skilled engineers can provide you with all the moving power you need. We supply Gorbel monorails, jib cranes, and workstation cranes to lower your burden and speed up your project, and we are stocked with all the components necessary to keep them running.


Gorbel Jib and Gantry Cranes

Gorbel jib cranes are heavy-duty I-beam cranes that prioritize safety without compromising performance or quality. These cranes can lift and move up to 5 tons in semicircles or full circles. For applications with limited space for crane positioning, this solution maximizes productivity.

Gantry cranes are the mobile solution to lifting materials anywhere in a facility, especially if the materials are in a tight space or are lifted infrequently. This cost-effective crane can be used in conjunction with other cranes to complete tasks, especially in locations where permanent structures can’t be installed. American Crane carries a wide variety of Gantry Cranes to lift different loads.  

American Crane has jibs available in different designs, including: 

American Crane also has tool solutions for your jibs as well as accessories, anchor bolts, and anchor bolt installation templates.


Gorbel Workstation Cranes

Gorbel’s Workstation Cranes are used in industries such as agriculture, aviation, industrial, automotive, and more to lift and transport heavy loads across distances. Workstation cranes consist of parallel runways that support a moving bridge to effectively move materials across a rectangular workspace. Hoists or intelligent lifting devices are affixed to the bridge to support the load.

Gorbel bridge cranes are constructed of aluminum or steel and can lift up to 2 tons and span up to 30 ft. Your choice of workstation jib cranes differs by what you need the crane to lift, how far it needs to move, and in which direction. Workstation cranes are available in the following varieties: 

  • Freestanding Workstation Jib Crane: Allows for 360-degree rotation of equipment up to 1,000 lbs with a steel or stainless steel construction. Freestanding cranes are ideal for outdoor applications where they can be utilized by several workstations. 
  • Wall-mounted Workstation Jib Crane: Provides the maximum amount of headroom and allows for 200° continuous rotation of up to 1,000lbs.
  • Ceiling Mounted Workstation Cranes: These cranes are built to order and provide flexibility in operation. Sections can be added or removed to suit the intended application, with bridge spans up to 34’.


Gorbel Monorail Systems 

A linear track or monorail is one of the most efficient methods to convey items in an assembly-line environment. Monorail systems reduce downtime, increase efficiency, and ease worker strain. The monorail is adaptable and flexible enough to work where forklifts cannot.

The Ceiling Mounted Monorail system can move up to 4,000lbs along the enclosed steel or aluminum track. Each track is custom-made to your specifications and support designs can be quickly changed and the entire system can be easily dismantled to accommodate changes in the warehouse.


Gorbel Electric Hoists

A Gorbel Electric Chain Hoist is the perfect lifting solution to add to any of your Gorbel cranes. Our electric hoists provide reliable lifting capabilities to round out your lifting system. Commitment to superior performance and quality is evident in all Gorbel products, including tools and accessories.

Choose from Gorbel’s single-speed electric chain hoist, dual speed, motorized trolleys, and manual trolleys. American Crane also has all the hoist accessories and suspension components you need to get the job done right.


American Crane for Your Material Handling Needs

American Crane is a proud Gorbel distributor and we have all the tools you need to lift and move your materials, no matter how or where you need them moved. For superior lifting systems, choose Gorbel Cranes from American Crane a. Request a quote for your custom design or contact American Crane to get assistance with and order. You can also browse the store to find the Gorbel parts you need!