Scrap Handling Cranes and Hoist Systems

Used to load scrap into buckets, scrap removal cranes are designed to withstand heavy loads and harsh, challenging environments with high levels of noise, vibration, and dust. Instrumental in managing the transport and sorting of scrap from yards to melt shops, these versatile cranes are typically high-duty and high-speed.

To meet specific application requirements, various specialty features are also available, including:

  • End-carriages and bogies with surface-hardened wheels and heavy-duty reinforcements
  • Power and signal cables designed via festoon system and attached to the crane girder
  • Special heavy-duty trolley designs
  • Easy-maintenance designs
  • Reinforced box-style steel structuring for bridges and trolleys to combat deflection and vibration
  • Ergonomic operator controls
  • Heavy-duty hook blocks for load management and safety 

Overhead Cranes for Scrap Handling Applications

Overhead crane design options are as varied as the industries they serve, and units built for scrap handling are no exception. To ensure you pick the best solution for your job, be sure keep the following factors in mind:

  • Amount of cycle time needed
  • Number of tons to be moved
  • Distance to be moved
  • Maximum lift height required
  • Necessary below-the-hook devices (magnets, grapples, etc.)

No matter the size or weight required, American Crane & Equipment Corp.’s overhead designs provide safe, efficient load management with solutions that routinely exceed CMAA duty cycle requirements. With proper maintenance programs in place, our overhead units can last for over 50 years.

Scrap Handling Solutions from American Crane

An industry leader in the design and manufacture of material handling solutions, electric overhead traveling cranes, and wire rope hoists, American Crane delivers top-performing equipment for all types of industrial environments. Our scrap handling cranes are designed for reliable high-duty, high-speed performance, and we also offer a full range of below-the-hook devices to support any application.

Ranging from ¼-ton to 1,000-ton capacities, our cranes are crafted for optimal safety, reliability, and longevity, and we work to meet service classifications A through F. In addition to manufacturing new equipment, we can also rebuild existing setups.

Our in-house experts are on hand to answer any questions you may have regarding crane installation, operation, and maintenance. Contact the team today to discuss how our scrap removal cranes can help with your next project.