For more than 50 years, American Crane & Equipment Corporation’s high-quality cranes, hoists, and other specialty lifting equipment have been relied on across many industries. We design, manufacture, and test standard and custom equipment to meet your application’s specific needs. Browse our applications below to learn more about how we can help your project.

Clean Room Equipment Clean Room Equipment

All equipment used in a cleanroom must comply with stringent regulatory standards. This includes material handling and lifting equipment such as cranes and hoists.

Clean Room Equipment
Critical Lift Equipment Critical Lift Equipment

High-value equipment or dangerous loads depend on critical lifting equipment. Our failure-proof equipment features top-quality design and construction for optimal safety.

Critical Lift Equipment
Gate Handling Gate Handling

Gate hoists are heavy-duty lifting devices installed at the spillway of dams or reservoirs that provide precise control through remote controls. They are capable of handling high capacities.

Gate Handling
Hazardous Equipment Hazardous Equipment

To guarantee optimal protection, only high-performance, reliable equipment should be used throughout applications involving potential fire hazards or explosion risks.

Hazardous Equipment
Hot Ladle & Metal Handling Hot Ladle & Metal Handling

Hot metal ladles serve as vessels that store, transport, and pour molten metal between different processes.

Hot Ladle & Metal Handling
Metal Shop Equipment Metal Shop Equipment

Metal shops involve heavy lifting of various materials which require safe and precise handling. Metal shops benefit from overhead crane and hoist systems that offer safe and precise material handling.

Metal Shop Equipment
Nuclear Industry Applications Nuclear Industry Applications

Designed for maintenance, inspection, and refueling operations in the nuclear industry, our nuclear jib cranes feature a modular design and telescopic features that provide flexibility during shutdown operations.

Nuclear Industry Applications
Single Failure Proof Single Failure Proof

Single failure proof equipment continues to function even if a single component fails. With our redundant component design, if one fails, another can take over without compromising the overall operation.

Single Failure Proof
Slab Handling Slab Handling

These cranes are designed for easy swapping of lifting devices, and can withstand harsh environments and high temperatures while ensuring safe and reliable handling.

Slab Handling
Slag Handling Cranes Slag Handling Cranes

Reliable and high-performing machines are necessary for handling iron blast furnace slag effectively. American Crane provides a range of specialized solutions designed to cater to various slag handling requirements.

Slag Handling Cranes
Sludge Handling Sludge Handling

Safe and efficient handling of sludge is crucial to both human safety and environmental health. Our high-quality and reliable biomass cranes and hoists are specifically designed to handle these challenging materials.

Sludge Handling
Smelting Equipment Smelting Equipment

Smelting cranes are specifically designed to handle the harsh conditions involved in the smelting process of metal production, including high temperatures, heavy loads, and corrosive environments.

Smelting Equipment
Spent Fuel Cask Handling Spent Fuel Cask Handling

To safely and efficiently transfer spent nuclear fuel containers from the spent fuel pool to the containment room, cranes and other material handling equipment are commonly used.

Spent Fuel Cask Handling
Warehousing & Storage Warehousing & Storage

Effective material handling solutions safely and efficiently move, stack, and store goods and materials, handling various load sizes and shapes.

Warehousing & Storage