Columbus McKinnon Parts Distributor

Columbus MckinnonColumbus McKinnon (CM) is a worldwide designer, manufacturer, and marketer of intelligent motion overhead lifting solutions, including motion control technologies, products, and automated systems, mainly for commercial and industrial use. Known for their long-lasting durability, the company’s hooks, chains, hoists, cranes, trolleys, and more can be used on their own or as part of a comprehensive system. American Crane & Equipment Corporation (ACECO) is pleased to offer an extensive CM product line.


CM Parts at American Crane 

At ACECO, we deal with a wide variety of Columbus McKinnon products, from control and brake components to spare parts. The different CM offerings we supply include:

CM Chain & Wire Rope 

We stock a range of CM chains and wire ropes to meet customer needs for size, material, or use. Whether you need guide or drum load chains, hand chain connection links, or something else, we are your source for quality CM chain and wire rope.

CM Hoist Frame Components

At ACECO, we stock over 280 hoist frame component options, both priced and quoted, in various suspension types. Visit our site for information on Suspension Swivel Hook or Rigid Lug Mod E-H, LDSTR XL Latch-Type Hook Suspension, and more.

CM Control Components 

With over 200 stocked CM control components ranging from 110 V to 600 V, ACECO has what you need. We offer priced and quoted parts such as limit switches, transformers, contractors, and more.

CM Control Stations 

We supply various CM parts for control stations, including pendant components, complete pendants, and pendant cords, as lightweight answers for heavy-duty applications. Through a handheld pendant device for crane operation, pendant controls can act as primary crane controls or as a dependable backup for radio-controlled cranes.

CM Hooks/Lower Blocks

At ACECO, you can choose from over 400 CM hooks or lower blocks, both priced and quoted. We are your resource for hooks and block assemblies such as latchlok, collar, and block lower hooks, as well as hook upper assemblies. 

CM Brake Components 

We can supply you with reliable, heavy-duty, and cost-effective CM brake components. ACECO sells high-performance power motion technologies in various colors and shapes to safely fulfill any function, including spring, motor, and electric brakes, as well as brake covers.

CM Gearing Components 

With over 300 CM gearing components, you can get your preferred parts at a quoted or priced rate, or the ACECO team can assist with an alternate solution. We supply miscellaneous components such as gear housings and bushings, lift wheel and gear assemblies, gear track wheels, and more.

CM Motor/Motor Components

For your motor needs, we offer CM motor and motor components at priced or quoted rates. Some options include motor thrusts, covers, housings, and springs, as well as air motor seals. 

CM Trolley Parts 

For quality CM trolley parts that guarantee safe and smooth motor and load traversing operations coupled with low maintenance, ACECO supplies them to provide superior performance for any application. Some of our offerings include track wheels with bearing cups, screw track wheels with nuts, and track wheel assemblies, all at priced or quoted rates.

CM Spare Parts 

It’s crucial to have access to spare parts for your intelligent motion equipment to guarantee continuity in your operation. To that end, American Crane’s new online store offers an extensive supply of over 2,000 miscellaneous CM spare parts for various crane systems.


CM Equipment at American Crane 

At American Crane, we offer CM equipment across their three main product categories: hoists, crane kits, and trolleys. 

CM Hoists & Lifting Equipment 

ACECO can supply a wide selection of industry-leading CM hoists and lifting equipment in manual or powered/electrical options. We carry:

CM Crane Kits & Components 

Crane kits can enable crane-building customers worldwide to fulfill orders in an economic fashion. We carry a comprehensive line of high-quality CM crane kits and components packaged in a cost-efficient plug-and-play system with a focus on easy installation. ACECO supplies the following to help clients complete their kits for an optimal intelligent lifting system:

  •     CM motor, brake, control, and gearing components
  •     Hooks and lower blocks
  •     Chains, wires, and hoists
  •     Automation technology

CM Trolleys

ACECO maintains an extensive portfolio of high-performance manual and powered trolleys for versatile applications. CM trolleys and trolley and beam clamps provide the following benefits:

  •     Easy use and installation. CM trolley products are easy for operators to install in a system, integrating with a variety of hoist options. They lend reliability to electric trolley applications.
  •     Superior strength and stability. While simple to install, CM clamps act as semi-permanent lifting points to achieve a strong hold and stability while allowing easy lifting.


American Crane: Your CM Supplier 

Columbus McKinnon is an industry leader for intelligence motion products and overhead lifting systems. American Crane offers a full line of CM components and equipment so that our customers can benefit from high quality and performance in a component for every application. Visit our online store to browse our extensive CM product offerings, or contact us today to request a quote.