Magnetek VFD Motor Control Products

Magnetek VFDA variable frequency drive (VFD) is an AC motor controller that operates a corresponding electric motor at adjustable speeds to ensure managed and effortless operation. VFDs modify the iteration of the engine through frequency and voltage supply alterations to adjust the revolutions per minute (RPMs). To do this, a VFD will convert three-phase AC voltage to DC through diodes, and then clean the DC with a capacitor. Next, it will convert the DC voltage back to AC with transistors acting as switches to adjust the frequency and precisely control motor speed. 

VFD motor control products can be designed for specialized functionality within electric hoists, lifting systems, and overhead cranes. These VFDs utilize a microprocessor to program specific tasks for hoisting equipment. At American Crane & Equipment Corporation, we are pleased to offer crane-specific Magnetek components including IMPULSE drives and brake resistors for optimal crane performance. Magnetek is a leading supplier of drives and control systems for overhead cranes and related machinery, with decades of experience in the material handling industry. 


Magnetek’s Crane-Specific VFDs

When choosing a VFD for your crane, Magnetek’s VFDs are better suited than general-purpose varieties. The range of motion and gravitational forces that influence crane applications are quite dissimilar to the operating conditions of pumps and fans. In addition to varying speed options, crane-specific VFDs can significantly impact your operation’s safety and productivity. 

Magnetek designs VFDs to fit specific needs for optimal crane operations with easy setup and greater versatility in speed modification. VFDs allow for smooth, deliberate acceleration and deceleration through drives and brakes, respectively. Both systems provide quick and precise lifting and positioning, all while conserving energy compared to soft-starters and contactors.

Crane-specific VFDs also offer unique safety features designed for positioning and lifting loads, checking for: 

  •     Brake conditions at the beginning and end of every lift with torque proving
  •     Electrical component functionality during lifting operations
  •     Unsafe operator usage or overloaded systems


Magnetek VFD Motor Control Products at American Crane

Magnetek VFDs are considered to be dependable “brains inside the crane,” utilizing advanced software to provide safe, high-performance positioning and hoisting. Their drives and brake resistors offer careful, efficient control over crane motion and positioning, with continuous monitoring to make sure the cranes are functioning reliably. 


Magnetek Drives: AC IMPULSE Drives

AC IMPULSE Drives enable feedback and operation performance improvements by pairing with communication technology. AC VFDs offer substantial motor control predictability, resulting in a less risky material handling operation. They also cut down on maintenance, repair fees, and costly downtime as Magnetek drives can augment a crane’s life span. This results in increased productivity and electrical system functionality. At ACECO, our offerings for Magnetek drives include:

  •     G+ Mini. These low HP drives possess a compact size that utilizes smaller enclosures. Despite their size, they broaden the safe capabilities of smaller crane-related equipment, allowing for increased productiveness while decreasing installation costs. ACECO supplies 230 and 460 V options, with accessories.
  •     G+ Series 4. With the same advantages as a VFD and the G+ Mini, the customizable G+ Series 4 adds on that benefits base with safety detection features as well as software incorporation for tasks such as bucket or sway control and drive synchronization. ACECO offers this series in 230, 460, and 575 V varieties, plus accessory components.
  •     VG+ Series 4. This drive series maintains all the benefits of the G+ Series 4, but rather than having open-loop vector applications, the VG+ Series 4 can act as a control for a closed-loop flux vector, with non-mechanical applications in load brake hoists and more. Our company offers these Magnetek drives in the same voltage options as the G+, but with the addition of frequency crane controls and other accessories.


Magnetek Brakes: Dynamic Braking Resistors

Dynamic braking resistors are suitable for robust cycle tasks in industrial sectors. When equipment incorporates these brakes and AC or DC controls, this extends the life span of the brake linings. Braking resistors also have energy regeneration properties, converting the regenerative energy produced by the motor upon crane deceleration into heat.

The VFD is responsible for regulating a crane’s gradual and intentional deceleration, optimizing overall brake performance. At ACECO, we offer Magnetek G+ Mini and G+/VG+ Series 4 brake resistors in 230 and 460 V varieties, both Classes C and D.


Partner with American Crane

Magnetek VFDs and brakes are particularly beneficial to the material handling industry thanks to their enhanced safety features, superior control, and competitive prices. Along with Magnetek’s high-quality components, ACECO offers comprehensive custom manufacturing, installation, inspection, training, and repair services. Contact us for more information on the Magnetek equipment that we carry as part of our catalog of over 40,000 components, or request a quote today.