At American Crane, we are passionate about delighting our customers. Our mission is to make your lives easier. Our vision continues to be the overhead lifting company most respected for our people and products – staying on the cutting edge of technology and systems that enhance our depth of services and our customer relationships. The ACECO Smart Crane System is no exception to this, as we launch the latest innovation to aid in real-time communication with your cranes and other equipment.

Keeping it all connected.

Our goal is to do more than the remote monitoring of your overhead cranes – but to also provide solutions for your other equipment, getting you real-time data and minimizing downtime.

Key Benefits:

How It Works

  • Smart Crane System Architecture
    • VFD Controls
    • Load cell accurately senses the amount of load present during operation
    • Analysis of Crane Usage and Sensor Information in the cloud
    • Event-Based E-Mail Notifications
    • Historic Usage Records (accessible via our system)
    • Local User(s) Access: Computer/Web Browser or Mobile Device/App
    • Remote User(s) Multiple modes of access: Computer/Web Browser or Mobile Device/App
  • Physical Interface
    (Edge Box)
    • High resolution, real-time data as well as recent historical data
    • Limit switch status
    • Drive faults
    • User-friendly – Provides Chart View or Table View of Real-Time Data
  • Cloud Interface (Browser)
    • Dashboard – “Heart of system”
    • Allow Determination of CMAA Usage Class (A-F) based on actual operation
    • Allow Monitoring/ Predicting Component Life Based on:
      • Speed (RPM)
      • Run Time
      • Loading
    • Allow Preventative Maintenance Beyond Time-Based Planning
    • View Crane Usage Trends Over Time
    • Access to Crane-Specific Design Documentation, Inspection reports, User manuals
    • Custom Notifications

The Next Generation of IoT Solutions for Your Equipment


SmartCrane loT: System for remote asset monitoring, improved performance, predictive maintenance and minimization or elimination of downtime through cloud-based analytics. Utilizes cutting edge differentiated technology.

MachineHealth loT (MHloT): Machine health monitoring system that works with diverse sensors for cross-field industry applications. This comprehensive system allows for remote monitoring and cloud-based predictive analytics to optimize performance, maintenance, and diagnostics.

For smart crane solutions you can trust, turn to the experts at ACECO! We are your expert, craftsman, and partner for all material handling equipment needs. To learn more about our product offerings or discuss your product requirements with one of our representatives, contact us or request a quote today.

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