Metal Shop Equipment

Metal shop equipment must be crafted with four specific goals in mind: safety, reliability, longevity, and industry compliance. American Crane and Equipment Corp. is proud to offer a full range of crane, hoist, and lifting solutions that are up to the challenge.

Our custom design and fabrication services are backed by a comprehensive in-house quality assurance program and 30 years of industry experience. We provide exhaustive testing services and complete assembly prior to every shipment.

With equipment ranging from ¼-ton hoists to 1,000-ton capacities, we can meet service classifications A-F. Whether you’re working with loose parts, weldments, or structural metal, our team is here to provide versatile, reliable solutions.

What Is Metal Shop Equipment?

Whether working on initial machining or intricate final finishing processes, metal shops require a lot of heavy lifting. Metal stock material, liquid or molten metal, bars, tubes, process pieces, and even large-scale finished items all require safe, precise handling; in fact, workpieces often need to be transported and lifted multiple times throughout a single process.

Overhead crane and hoist systems are particularly useful in shops that specialize in metal machining, fabricating, shaping, and custom finishing.

Metal Shop Equipment Solutions

Besides meeting safety and durability standards, cranes and hoists in metal shops must also be able to withstand process-specific challenges. These tools need to be able to function in crowded spaces, maximize the efficiency of manpower in material management, and ensure that a full-capacity load can be handled with complete, reliable support.

An effective lifting solution should also reduce material handling costs and labor needs.

  • Electric overhead traveling (EOT) cranes — A particularly common type of overhead crane, these can be found in most factories. Especially useful in handling metal slabs, coils, and billets and transporting them efficiently across factory floors, these tools can also handle hot metal with ease.
  • Gantry cranes — Gantry cranes are extremely versatile, and offer efficient transport between buildings or manufacturing stations. These cranes are supported from the floor and connected to a set of wheels or tracks for free mobility in otherwise crowded workspaces.
  • Overhead bridge cranes — These can be designed as top running bridge cranes, underhung bridge cranes, or monorail cranes, as well as single girder, wide flange girder, and double girder formats to accommodate any shop’s needs. Another highly popular manufacturing tool, these cranes are renowned for their triple-axis lifting, superior stability, and excellent load positioning.

Metal Shop Equipment Solutions at American Crane

From metal shop equipment to bulk material handling, the American Crane team is proud to offer lifting solutions for a wide range of specific industrial applications, routinely exceeding project requirements in some of the world’s most challenging conditions.

We work to design metal shop equipment solutions that offer the safety, reliability, and long life demanded by the industry. Every piece can be custom crafted to meet specific service classifications.

Our in-house experts are available to answer any questions you may have about crane installation, operation, and maintenance. To learn more about our custom solutions and crane options, reach out to the team today.