OSHA Compliance Inspections

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA, is the government agency charged with setting and enforcing standards to assure safe and healthy working conditions for working people throughout the nation. It accomplishes its mission by providing training, outreach, education, and assistance. The agency has developed a stunning array of standards to which companies must adhere or run the risk of costly violations. 

There are a specific set of standards that relate to cranes and their operation. Part 1910 of OSHA standards includes 1910.179 for Overhead and Gantry Cranes. American Crane and Equipment Corporation (ACECO) has a highly experienced OSHA compliance inspection team that can examine your equipment, and let you know of any potential violations you must address. Our team are not only experts on the equipment we sell, but on all indoor cranes from other manufacturers and distributors as well. 

The Benefits of OSHA Compliance Inspections

OSHA violations could result in substantial penalties and fines that can become quite costly, and also pose a substantial risk to the health and safety of workers. The easiest way to avoid violations is to conduct OSHA compliance inspections on a regular basis.

  • Lower risk

Failure to maintain equipment to OSHA standards could result in increased turnover, strikes, costly litigation, injuries, or death. Worker safety should be of primary concern to every company. Providing safe working conditions and equipment is one of your basic obligations as an employer, and your employees will notice when you take their safety seriously by having OSHA compliance inspections conducted. 

  • Avoid costly penalties

OSHA standards must be taken seriously, as the financial costs can add up quickly. One poorly maintained or unsafely operated crane can cost tens of thousands of dollars in penalties. Injuries or death that result from poor equipment or unsafe activity can result in even larger fines, above and beyond any civil litigation that may occur. While up front the expense may seem unnecessary, regular OSHA compliance inspections are the cost-effective choice. 

  • Decrease insurance costs

Companies cited by OSHA for violating standards can expect their insurance costs to go up significantly. OSHA compliance inspections proactively identify potential violations so they can be addressed before they become serious problems. Most insurers will substantially increase premiums after a workplace accident.

OSHA Compliance Inspection Process

OSHA frequently investigates a broad array of workplaces for an equally wide range of reasons. Some of the priorities put forth by OSHA include:

1. Imminent danger

Hazards that could result in death or serious physical harm receive top priority. Upon discovery, hazards must be corrected immediately or employees must be removed until the hazard can be corrected.

2. Severe injury/illness

Any work-related fatalities should be reported within eight hours, and work-related hospitalizations, amputations, or eye loss must be reported within 24 hours. 

3. Worker complaints

OSHA gives special attention to allegations from your workforce. Employees may request to remain anonymous when filing complaints.

4. Hazard referrals

Reports from other federal, state, and local agencies or the media may result in an inspection by OSHA for violations.

5. Targeted inspections

Certain industries are considered more hazardous, and are prioritized for inspection by OSHA. Workplaces with frequent violations are also prioritized for inspection.

6. Follow-ups

OSHA frequently investigates past violators to ensure they remain compliant with current regulations and safety standards.

ACECO inspection teams can help ensure that your operation is OSHA-compliant, and avoid hefty penalties should an OSHA investigator pay you a visit. Our compliance experts will conduct inspections professionally and as quickly as possible to ensure minimal disruption to your operation. 

Our inspection may only take a few hours, or could take several weeks. The length of the inspection is determined by multiple factors, such as facility size, workforce size, the amount of equipment you operate with, and the number of potential hazards on site. 

Our inspection process contains the following steps:

  • Opening conference

This step will be brief, but gives the inspector perspective on your operation. The inspector will also determine if subcontractors or employees from other companies operate on your site. This is a good time to let the inspector know of any concerns you may have with the process or with your facility or processes. 

  • Walk-around

Management and relevant employees will accompany the inspector on a tour of the operation, and assist in identifying any safety hazards or concerns. Based on the operation, inspectors may use special equipment to measure noise, fumes, dust, or other potential workplace hazards.

  • Maintenance/evaluation

As a highlight to our inspection services, our experts will dismantle and evaluate the condition of your cranes, components, contactors, brakes, and other crane-related equipment. We conduct careful visual inspections of the hoist drum, trolley rails, girders, wheels and trucks, upper sheave nest, lower block, bumpers, end stops, and keyway to line shaft connection. We also measure the wire rope and hook tram. At the end of the inspection, the crane is fully lubricated and all fluid levels checked. You will get a detailed report containing the results of the inspection, along with recommendations for addressing any issues identified.

  • Closing conference

Once the inspection is completed and the results determined, the inspector is required to meet with management and employees or employee representatives to discuss the findings and make recommendations. Meetings with management and employees can be done jointly or separately.

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American Crane’s OSHA compliance inspections are your best insurance policy against accidents and costly violations. While we are located in Southeastern Pennsylvania, our service department operates across the entire United States, and may also provide services outside of the U.S. based on the project. 

Protect your workers and your company with regular OSHA compliances inspections conducted by the experts at American Crane. Contact our service department to schedule your next inspection today!