Polar Cranes for Nuclear Applications

In order to meet strict quality and safety regulations, nuclear plants and energy-related industries require high-performing, extremely reliable equipment. At American Crane and Equipment Corporation, we’re proud to offer a full range of material handling solutions to meet even the most demanding needs for safe handling and control of sensitive/critical loads.

Our specialty nuclear-safe jib and overhead cranes, for instance, are designed specifically for the nuclear energy industry.

Crane Regulations for Nuclear Applications

Nuclear plants pose numerous safety risks, therefore, it’s important to be mindful of operator training and equipment operation in these environments. NUREG-0612, a document used by the NRC, provides regulations for heavy load handling in areas with safe shutdown equipment, as well as guidelines for irradiated fuel in the spent fuel pool area and in containment, reactor buildings, and other plant areas.

All cranes used in nuclear environments should be thoroughly inspected, routinely tested, and maintained in accordance with ANSI B30.2-1976 Chapter 2-2, and all operators should be rigorously trained in accordance with Chapter 2-3 of ANSI B30.2-1976. The quality assurance requirements of ASME NQA-1, an industry consensus standard, contains 18 criteria aligned with those addressed in 10CFR50, Appendix B and applies to all phases of a nuclear facilities life cycle and equipment.

Backed by 45 years of experience and comprehensive in-house testing and quality assurance program, the American Crane team is proud to manufacture nuclear equipment under its mature QAM-96 quality assurance program which meets the requirements of ASME NQA-1; 10-CFR50, Appendix B and ANSI N45.2.

To minimize the potential risk of worker injury and radiation exposure in the event of loss of control of a lifted load, or equipment damage during operation, these regulations are critical to successful plant operations.

Cranes for Nuclear Applications

Nuclear plants require specialized material handling solutions for a wide range of loading and lifting tasks. Polar cranes, for instance, are often used for sensitive fueling and fuel assembly purposes, as well as reactor head removal and replacement.

Used to handle multipurpose lifting needs, polar cranes are comprised of a main hoist, auxiliary hoist, maintenance jib crane, and containment inspection man lift. These cranes can perform various maintenance and operational duties while ensuring optimal quality and safety. Easily meeting the stringent requirements of the nuclear industry, cranes also reduce the need for additional cumbersome lifting equipment.

Nuclear-Optimized Cranes from American Crane

Designed and fabricated in-house to meet the stringent requirements of the nuclear industry, American Crane’s Nuclear Telescopic Outage Jib Crane features a modular design with a telescoping boom. This crane can be installed in existing facilities, offers four distinct ranges of motion for an improved perimeter hook, and can be used to service polar cranes.

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Our total project capabilities include In-House Design, Engineering, Machining and Manufacturing, Seismic Analysis, Remote Capabilities, 200 Ton In-House Load Test Facility, NQA-1 and 10-CFR-50, Appendix B Quality Program, Full Range of Site Services Including Installation and Outage, Long Term Maintenance Support, Spare and Replacement Parts, Operations and Maintenance Training, Equipment Upgrades and Rebuilds.

All of our high-performance material handling equipment is delivered fully assembled and completely tested. To learn more about our jib cranes for nuclear applications, cranes for nuclear applications requiring a comprehensive quality assurance program, and other specialty models, Please contact our team today.