Gantry Cranes

Gantry CranesA gantry crane is an overhead crane built on top of a structure that is supported by freestanding legs, eliminating the need for an overhead runway system. Gantry cranes are built on movable frameworks with wheels that enable the structure to be moved along a track or rail system.

Custom gantry cranes are designed with a single or multiple girder configuration, providing various load capacities. Smaller gantry cranes are commonly used for relatively light tasks, such as lifting engines out of cars and other vehicles, while larger cranes are used to lift extremely heavy loads. American Crane offers gantry cranes designed to meet your exact requirements.

Types of Gantry Cranes

At American Crane, we offer various types of gantry cranes, each designed for different applications with unique specifications. The types of gantry cranes we offer include:

American Crane Custom Multiple Girder Gantry Cranes

Double and multiple girder gantry cranes are designed to carry medium and heavy-duty loads. The use of two adjacently positioned beams offer improved support for the material or goods being handled and allows for the movement of larger loads.

American Crane Custom Single Girder Gantry Cranes

Our single girder gantry cranes utilize a single beam which supports the lifting mechanism that moves along the beam’s bottom flange. Single girder gantry cranes are ideal for lifting and moving small to medium size loads.

Gorbel Gantry Cranes 

Gorbel Fixed Height Steel and Adjustable Height Steel gantry cranes provide an economical way to lift materials anywhere in a facility. Casters allow the gantry crane to be easily moved throughout the facility. The portability of Gorbel gantry cranes makes them an ideal solution for applications that require infrequent lifts, eliminating the expense of a permanent structure.

Gorbel’s heavy-duty design provides stable lifting and movement, and our aluminum gantry cranes are lightweight and collapsible for easy storage.

Gantry Crane Capabilities

Crane CapabilitiesOne of the significant differences between single and multiple girder gantry cranes is the difference in hook height and how high the crane can lift a load. Double and multiple girder gantry cranes typically add up to three feet in lifting height as the hoist is placed between the girders rather than being suspended under the support beam.

Special and higher duty applications such as double hoisting systems or die flipping typically utilize multiple girder systems. Multiple girder gantry cranes have optional service platforms that can accommodate large control panels for specialized functions and applications. We offer our clients a wide range of gantry crane options with single girder gantry cranes capable of handling loads of up to 15 tons and multiple girder gantry cranes with capacities up to 500 tons.

American Crane

Gantry Cranes from American Crane

Determining the best gantry crane for your unique application requires a careful analysis of your specific needs. As Your Expert, Craftsman and Partner American Crane has the knowledge and expertise to help guide you through the process and guarantee that you have the crane that meets your application’s requirements. Our team ensures proper installation for safe, reliable, and efficient performance, and we are committed to providing exceptional customer service. For more information, contact us or request a quote today.