The application of the ACECO IoT offerings is not limited to overhead lifting. Our MHIoT (Machine Health IoT) device can also be utilized to monitor the operation and health of other pieces of critical industrial equipment. The MHIoT device monitors and trends current, temperature and vibration levels, which allows users to gain real time and historical data on the performance of machinery within their facilities via a convenient remote user interface. This data can be used to identify and create actionable insights pertaining to the health of the machinery, with the goal of decreasing or eliminating potential down time via the proactive planning & implementation of maintenance and repair activities.

Key Benefits:

  • Easy Mounting

    Magnetized mounting design allows for easy installation and temporary mounting. Adhesive mounting is being explored for nonmagnetic surfaces.

  • Sensor Data

    Sensors take sample of temperature, current and vibration/acceleration approximately every 30 seconds – sample rate can be customized. All data will be routed to a cloud-based data platform. 

  • Cybersecurity

    Secure communication from the MHIoT device to the cloud is accomplished via Blues Wireless technology. Blues Wireless Notecard along with its accompanying cloud service,, were built with security as No. 1 priority: 

    • STSAFE Secure Element which contains symmetric keys manufactured into the chip
    • Performs regular vulnerability scanning every 6 months. Any identified vulnerabilities will be analyzed, reported and patched in a timely fashion
    • For security reasons, one Notecard does not have direct access to another Notecard
  • Accessible Data
    • Access to real-time data & get alerts if something is wrong via any web browser (computer & mobile)
    • Customized thresholds that can be changed at any time, can trigger event-based alerts via email, text and/or call

Cloud Based Data Platform

The MHIoT device securely routes the data collected from the sensors to a cloud based IoT platform for intuitive data visualization and customized alerts & notifications.

How It Works

  • User Friendly Interface
    • No expert needed
    • Easily interpreted & navigable
  • Customizable Data
    • Customizable sample rates & pings, can trigger event-based alerts via email, text or call
    • Adjustable time/date range to view new & historic data
    • Customizable data quantification & widgets
  • Safe Transfer
    • HTTPS involves the use of a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) which creates a secure encrypted connection between servers and your devices
    • HTTPS helps guarantee confidentiality, authenticity and integrity of your information

Looking Ahead

The MHIoT device is continually being fine-tuned to enhance the device’s robustness, accuracy, and ease-of-use. The physical footprint of the MHIoT device is also being refined to allow future versions to be more compact for increased mounting flexibility.

Customer trials are scheduled to begin in February 2024 to gather valuable feedback and insights. The knowledge gained during the trial phase will further improve the MHIoT device performance as production-ready units are prepared for formal customer launch. Please contact us with any inquiries!

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