Turbine Cranes

Turbines generate massive quantities of energy worldwide. Whether they operate by steam, wind, or water, these turbines heavily rely on the cranes that help build them and keep them in working order. American Crane is proud to use our extensive experience of building quality turbine maintenance and powerhouse cranes to assist the energy industry.

We build our cranes with durability in mind. Installation, maintenance, and removal of valuable and expensive equipment in generating stations hinges on the quality of the crane doing the work, and we can ensure that our cranes will boost your efficiency whether you work in a natural gas, biomass, geothermal, hydroelectric, or waste-to-energy power plant. 

Turbine Crane Features and Options

The greatest concern when it comes to cranes centers around being able to maintain the weight of loads. Our turbine cranes offer two hoist-holding breads, which decrease the risk of falling loads. They also include hoist overload limits to prevent lifting beyond capacity. 

Cranes also rely on intuitive control systems to maintain efficiency and safety. Our cranes give operators the option to use variable speed control for accurate positioning. We also offer both pendant and radio operator controls. These controls give crane operators better vantage points from the ground while working. This boosts operators’ awareness of obstacles and risks as the crane moves, providing them more opportunities to anticipate issues.

Redundant upper limit switches prevent “two-blocking.” Issues with two-blocking arise when the lower and upper load blocks come into contact and interfere with safe crane operation. Upper limit switches like these prevent a number of single system failures, and these switches are specifically engineered to prevent midair collisions. 

Rough, noisy, and dangerous cranes belong to the past; our cranes use helical gearing to facilitate smooth and quiet operation. These gears build upon the success of traditional spur gears by incorporating angled teeth that mesh better with each other. We also outfit our cranes with convenient walkways to ensure safe and easy movement of maintenance personnel. 

What American Crane Offers

American Crane offers custom solutions tailored to each application. With so many features and options to choose from, our cranes can satisfy your every need. We offer a customized quality program to meet exact criteria specified by you and your company.

Working with us also gives you the opportunity to team up with a single source for both design and fabrication. We’re proud to work with you from start to finish to meet your needs.

We complete welding to AWS D1.1 and AWS D1.14 standards, so you never have to worry about the integrity of the work going into your machinery. We provide full assembly and shop testing of all equipment to ensure that every item that reaches you is safety tested and in working order. We also perform on-site installation and testing as needed.

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