Bridge Maintenance and Repair Travelers

Bridges require regular maintenance and repair to remain safe for use. At American Crane & Equipment Corporation (ACECO), we offer a wide range of lifting solutions to facilitate bridge maintenance and repair operations for our customers. One of our product specializations is bridge maintenance and repair travelers.

What Are Bridge Maintenance and Repair Travelers?

Bridge MaintenanceBridge maintenance and repair travelers are movable platforms that enable personnel to access the underside of bridge structures for inspection and maintenance purposes. Compared to other similar bridge repair and maintenance equipment (e.g., scaffolds), they allow technicians to reach critical points and complete work without impeding traffic.

Given the critical nature of their applications, these structures are designed and built with numerous elements to ensure smooth and reliable performance and user safety, such as:

  • Anti-skewing technology: enables operation on flexible, uneven, or misaligned runways
  • Fully caged work platforms: prevent personnel from falling from work platforms
  • Non-slip platform surfaces: minimizes the risk of personnel slipping and falling on work platforms
  • On-board personnel access lifts: improves accessibility for personnel
  • Portable operator controls: enhances the user-friendliness of operator controls
  • Redundant drop capture systems: prevents separation of the traveler from the bridge

Features of ACECO’s Bridge Maintenance and Repair Travelers

ACECO bridge maintenance and repair travelers are available in self-propelled, gas, diesel, or electric variations. While each traveler is custom-designed for its intended application, some of the standard features include:

  • Repair TravelersStainless, galvanized, or plated steel construction on non-painted surfaces
  • Weather-hardened design (including specialized corrosion-resistant coatings) for heavy-duty performance
  • On-board personnel lifts

Optional features include personnel seating, telescopic extensions, Coast Guard approved navigation lights, diagnostic equipment, backup motors, escape devices, emergency stop buttons, warning devices.

One of the key elements that set our bridge maintenance and repair travelers apart from the competition is SAFTRACK® technology. By combining our proprietary control software and field-proven bridge crane components, it offers users a number of advantages, including:

  • Utilizing anti-skewing technology to accommodate operation on flexible, uneven, or misaligned runaways
  • Allowing for custom solutions using conventional crane components
  • Enabling independent control of each traveler drive
  • Providing controlled acceleration and deceleration of each traveler

Contact the Bridge Maintenance Equipment Experts at ACECO Today

At ACECO, We are Your Expert, Craftsman, and Partner for all of your bridge maintenance equipment needs. We focus on making your job easier by providing turnkey material handling solutions backed by extensive experience and quality resources. Our custom bridge maintenance and repair travelers enable your technicians to access critical bridge points safely without the need for road or lane closures. To learn more about these products or discuss your requirements with one of our experts, contact us or request a quote today.

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