American Crane & Equipment Corporation manufactures high-quality specialty lifting equipment, including cranes, hoists, and other material-handling equipment for virtually any industry. Established over five decades ago, we provide reliable and top-of-the-line solutions to meet our customers’ specific needs, regardless of industry. We’ve served diverse industries, such as aerospace, automotive, marine, transit, and more, and our team delivers solutions that meet strict quality and safety standards.

Aerospace & Aviation Aerospace & Aviation

Our team provides assistance with design and engineering, product support, retrofitting, upgrades, load testing, inspection, and more to ensure material handling equipment meets the industry’s high standards.

Aerospace & Aviation
Automotive Automotive

We offer a range of overhead lifting solutions for the automotive industry, from manual to automated systems. Our equipment safely lifts both small and large auto components, reducing production times.

Chemical & Plastic Chemical & Plastic

American Crane provides custom-designed solutions including wash-down service, corrosion-resistant paint systems, clean room equipment, and more.

Chemical & Plastic
Construction Construction

Our lifting solutions for the construction industry include custom engineered cranes and hoists for EPC companies as well as high-capacity equipment for commercial and private contractors.

Energy Energy

We offer customized and standard solutions for every aspect of the energy industry, from nuclear and thermal to wind energy and biofuels. Our expertise extends to high-capacity turbine handling cranes and explosion-proof cranes, among others.

Food & Beverage Food & Beverage

Our material-handling solutions for the food and beverage industry include clean room and stainless steel equipment, custom-designed solutions, and a range of standard products to improve productivity, efficiency, and safety.

Food & Beverage
Manufacturing Manufacturing

Our high-quality material-handling solutions for the manufacturing industry are specifically designed to efficiently move heavy equipment and components throughout industrial facilities.

Marine Marine

American Crane has extensive experience providing a range of customized equipment. Our solutions are built to withstand the unique challenges of salt and freshwater environments.

Metals Metals

Our customized material-handling solutions are built to operate within the metals industry known for its challenging environment with grueling demands on equipment.

Nuclear Nuclear

Our tailored material-handling solutions meet the demanding requirements of nuclear quality assurance. We specialize in conceptual design for single failure-proof cranes.

Oil, Gas & Mining Oil, Gas & Mining

With safe and high-quality material handling-solutions ranging from exploration to refining, our equipment is engineered to endure harsh environments and meet hazardous location requirements.

Oil, Gas & Mining
Pulp & Paper Pulp & Paper

Our lifting solutions for the pulp & paper industry can handle lumber, assist with log debarkation, and support the mechanical pulp processes involved in paper making.

Pulp & Paper
Transit Transit

American Crane is trusted in repairing turntables in railroad maintenance yards, manufacturing equipment for servicing bridges’ undersides, and providing equipment for transit authorities.

Waste Handling Waste Handling

American Crane offers lifting solutions for various waste applications, including nuclear and energy waste, waste water, and municipal waste.

Waste Handling