Jib Cranes

Jib CranesA jib crane is an overhead lifting device typically used in indoor workshops, ships, loading docks, and construction sites. They can be mounted to the wall or floor and operated electrically, pneumatically, or manually. Designed to move materials in a circle or semi-circle, jib cranes consist of a vertical pillar, a horizontal boom or jib, a movable hoist, and a lifting rope, chain, or cable. Jib cranes are versatile, efficient, and safe, especially in small spaces. 


Types of Jib Cranes

At American Crane, we specialize in engineering, manufacturing, and servicing custom cranes and material handling equipment. We offer several types of jib cranes:

  • Free Standing Jib Cranes: Commonly used in conjunction with bridge cranes or open areas where there are no walls or ceilings on which to mount the pillar, freestanding jib cranes mount to the floor. They provide circular lifting coverage at loading docks and other outdoor settings.
  • Wall Type Jib Cranes: When you cannot spare floor space, wall-mounted jib cranes are a good option because they mount to walls and support columns. They’re cost-effective and easy to install, offering up to 200° of rotation. Choose from a variety of lifting capacities and boom lengths to suit your application. 
  • Mast Type Jib Cranes: Because they are stabilized from the top and bottom, mast type jib cranes offer 360° rotation and require only 6 in. of reinforced concrete to install. You can account for varying overhead clearance needs with full cantilever or drop cantilever designs.
  • Nuclear/Telescopic Outage Jib Cranes: Built for outage operations like maintenance, refueling, and inspection in the nuclear power industry, these cranes feature a modular design for easy installation. 
  • Custom Jib Cranes: We can design and fabricate jib cranes with a capacity of up to 50 tons and other specifications to suit your application. Contact us directly for more information about custom jib cranes. 

In addition to offering jib cranes from the industry’s top manufacturers, we also provide jib crane parts, accessories, bases, and counterweights. 


How to Choose the Right Jib Crane

When choosing a jib crane, there is a variety of factors to consider:

  • Weight capacity: Lifting a load that is too heavy for your crane is dangerous and creates unnecessary wear and tear on your equipment. However, you also don’t want to spend too much money on a crane with a greater capacity than you need. 
  • Working span requirements: Consider the size of the hoist and the distance the hoist trolley has to travel. 
  • Height under the boom: Factor in the size of the jib crane hoist, lifting distance, and dimensions of the load to decide on the best jib crane.
  • Overall height: Consider the clearance above the crane to ensure there are no obstacles near the ceiling that would restrict movement throughout the crane’s rotational angle.
  • Rotation area: The crane’s reach should meet your load-lifting and space requirements.
  • Weatherization: If the crane is mounted outdoors, you may need to weatherize it against rain, snow, and other elements. 
  • Power requirements: Determine how much power you need, and what type of power is required.
  • Installation costs and requirements: Free-standing cranes tend to be more expensive to install, but their increased versatility may be worth it. Choose the crane that is easiest to install and most cost-effective for your operations in the long run.


Contact American Crane to Learn More About Jib Cranes

American Crane provides high-quality solutions for nearly any material handling need, and jib cranes are one of many options you have for maximizing production in your workspace. Browse our catalog to view our standard options, or contact us to learn more about our jib cranes. Request a quote to start customizing a jib crane design for your application.