Schneider Electric Parts Distributor

Schneider Electric Parts Distributor logoSchneider Electric is a world leader in digitizing automation and energy management solutions, focusing on efficiency, reliability, affordability, and sustainability. The company has been delivering innovative electrical components and more for over 180 years. 

American Crane & Equipment Corporation (ACECO) is pleased to partner with Schneider Electric as a trusted distributor. We offer their line of contactors and pendant stations to deliver high-performance motor and component control in your cranes, hoists, and related lifting equipment.

Schneider Electric Parts at American Crane

At ACECO, we carry various Schneider Electric components to meet our clients’ diverse needs with advanced, high-quality electrical parts.

Schneider Electric Contactors

ACECO supplies TeSys Deca Contactors, formerly known as TeSys D, with 13 different application-specific rating options. For non-motor loads, these contactors can handle as much as 160 amps, and motor applications of up to 100hp and 480V in reversing and non-reversing designs. Schneider Electric contactors have a smaller-sized, modular construction that makes it easy to snap the IEC contactor into a DIN rail-type system and facilitates repair and replacement procedures. They offer high performance throughout the lifecycle of your handling equipment.

Schneider Electric Pendant Stations

ACECO also offers pendant stations, such as the 9001 SKYP Pendants and XAC Medium-Duty Pendant Stations from Schneider Electric.

9001 SKYP Pendants

These rugged polycarbonate control enclosures have slots for 2 to 10 30mm push buttons and 1.25 to 11.5 NPT cable entries. The ergonomic, impact- and corrosion-resistant stations are made to order and offer up to five speeds. They’re also dust-, oil-, and watertight, and maintain their performance under even the harshest of industrial conditions with an IP66 rating. These stations are easy for you to mount and secure in your desired location, and they provide enhanced security through light modules, contact blocks, and self-grounding automatic operators. 

XAC Medium-Duty Pendant Stations

Available in custom pre-assembled and unassembled formats, XAC Medium-Duty Pendant Stations are one- or two-speed control stations for hoisting and material handling. They are available in four pendant varieties:

  • XACA
  • XACB
  • XACD
  • XACM

You can choose to have 2, 4, 6, 8, or 12 22mm holes in these stations for push buttons. With impact-resistant thermoplastic construction, IP65-level protection, UL 94V rating for self-extinguishing flammability, and an optional emergency stop feature, Schneider Electric’s reliable, ergonomic XAC pendant stations meet IEC and UL safety standards.

American Crane: Your Schneider Electric Parts Supplier

ACECO carries dependable contactors and pendant stations from Schneider Electric to supply you with high-quality, long-lasting parts with the rugged construction necessary to handle harsh industrial conditions. 

In addition to distributing components from trusted partners, the ACECO team has over half a century of experience manufacturing specialty hoists, cranes, and lifting equipment. Operating in-house out of 226,000 square feet of facility space, our skilled engineers and technicians coupled with our extensive engineering, production, and field-service capabilities allow us to meet the changing needs of our clients for scalable growth.

Browse our online parts store to see all of the Schneider Electric components we carry, which only make up a portion of the 40,000+ parts and products we have available in our catalog. Contact us to speak with a team member about your specific part requirements, or request a quote today.