Slag Handling Cranes

Though once considered a useless byproduct, iron blast furnace slag is now recognized as one of the world’s most useful aggregates and is used in a wide range of applications, from road bases and glass insulation wool to athletic fields.

Effectively managing slag, however, requires reliable, high-performing machines specially engineered for this specific type of bulk material handling.

At American Crane and Equipment Corp., we offer a complete catalog of crane, hoist, and lift solutions to meet all types of slag handling needs.

Defining Slag

Produced as a byproduct in a range of industries, slag is generally classified based on its iron content: Ferrous slags (containing iron/steel) make up the majority of commercial production, while nonferrous slags (containing lead, zinc, copper) account for about 12%.

When used as ballast, slag offers unique angularity to improve binding action, creating a surface with superior stability and resistance to shifting. And with high durability and easy handling, use of slag allows for low maintenance and speedy work from start to finish.

Common Industries and Applications Making Use of Slag

As aggregate technology and building materials become more complex, slag is playing an increasingly important role in projects ranging from glass manufacturing to bridge construction.

Now a standard material choice, slag is even starting to be considered a preferred or specialized material in some applications.

Some common uses for slag include:

  • Asphalt aggregate and engineered fill for embankments, highway shoulders, and pavement in the transportation industry
  • Glass manufacturing
  • Ballast in the railroad industry
  • Roofing aggregate and insulation/mineral wool for construction and building
  • Base and aggregate for concrete manufacturing and construction
  • Backfilling in the mining industry
  • Grit blasting medium for fine etching
  • Environmental applications, including waterway construction, erosion control, sports field bases, bank reinforcement, sea wall and dike construction, and agricultural bases

Slag Handling Cranes

Cranes and hoists used in slag handling must be able to withstand harsh environments and highly abrasive loads; this material handling equipment is responsible for slag handling and management throughout all manufacturing processes — including slag distribution along main conveyor lines as the material is sorted through the slag bunker and loaded onto trucks.

For slag still containing ferrous rejects, cranes can be specially outfitted below the hook. Custom components include claws with special teeth, as well as fully closed orange peel-type grabs to help achieve better penetration and solid handling.

Many fully automated cranes and remote operating systems are also well-suited for slag handling applications.

Slag Handling Solutions From American Crane

For over 40 years, American Crane & Equipment Corporation has been one of the most innovative manufacturers of high quality specialty lifting equipment for unique applications.

At American Crane, we’ve been helping clients with scrap handling, slag handling, and bulk material handling needs for over 40 years.

Offering unmatched safety, reliability, and longevity, our cranes routinely meet and exceed CMAA duty cycle requirements, and to meet clients’ specific needs, we offer a wide range of options, from ¼-ton hoists to equipment with 300 ton overhead lifting capacities.

American Crane is proud to be an industry leader in material handling for some of the most severe working conditions around the world. Every piece of our equipment is fully assembled and pretested at our shop, and can be built to meet service classifications from A through F.

To learn more about slag handling, sludge handling, and other custom crane and hoist solutions, reach out to the team today.