Spent Fuel Cask Handling

American Crane & Equipment Corporation is an industry leader in the manufacture of custom material handling equipment such as cranes and hoists. Our products are used in a wide range of demanding and critical applications, including the nuclear and energy industries. For these industries, we can provide high-performance cranes and crane upgrades that facilitate the safe, efficient, and reliable handling of spent fuel.

What Is Spent Fuel Cask Handling?

Spent fuel casks and canisters are containers that house spent nuclear fuel, preventing it from leaking and protecting personnel and the surrounding environment from any radiation it may produce. Spent fuel cask handling refers to the transfer of these containers from the spent fuel pool section to the canister transfer section of the containment room. Industry professionals often employ cranes and other material handling equipment to accomplish this operation safely.

In addition to ensuring the safety of personnel, the use of cranes also allows for:

  • Greater control and reliability
  • Higher process efficiency
  • Maximum Safety

Spent Fuel Cask Handling Solutions From American Crane

At American Crane, we offer a full range of spent fuel cask handling solutions, such as SAFLIFT—a specialized remote-operated cask and canister lifting system. From upgrading existing cranes to engineering, installing, and testing new systems to providing maintenance and outage support, our expert team works tirelessly to ensure customers achieve the highest level of safety and efficiency in their dry spent fuel storage operations. For crane upgrades in the nuclear industry, we meet all necessary standards, including NUREG 0554, NUREG 0612 / APP. C, and ASME NOG-1.

To find out more about our spent fuel cask handling or other lifting solutions, contact us or request a quote today.