Single Girder Cranes

Captain Morgan Load TestSingle girder cranes are designed to aid with a range of hoisting and moving operations. When properly designed, they will enhance daily production and provide an ideal solution for facilities and operations with limited floor and overhead space that need a light to medium duty crane.

The construction of a single girder crane consists of a single girder beam, known as a bridge, that runs the building’s width. A trolley moves horizontally along the bridge, positioning a hoist and hook, which is used to raise or lower the load.

Single Girder Crane Classifications

At American Crane, we offer our customers four unique single girder crane designs to meet their specific needs.

Class A – Infrequent or Standby 

These cranes provide precise handling at slow speeds and are suitable for various applications, including turbine rooms, public utilities, motor rooms, powerhouses, and transformer stations.

Class B – Light Service

Class B cranes are perfect for light service applications that have low-speed requirements. These cranes can typically handle two to five lifts an hour and are ideal for applications such as light assembly operations, repair shops, light warehousing, and service buildings.

Class C – Moderate Service

Class C cranes are built for applications with moderate service requirements such as paper mills, machine shops, and other applications. They can make 5 to 10 lifts per hour, with loads that average 50% of the cranes rated capacity.

Class D – Heavy Service

Class D Heavy Service cranes are used in applications such as foundries, heavy machine shops, steel warehouses, fabricating plants, lumber mills, and container yards. They are ideal for heavy-duty production where a standard duty bucket and magnet operation is required. These cranes can perform 10 to 20 lifts per hour, averaging 15 feet, at less than 65% of the cranes rated capacity.

Single Girder Crane Design

Single girder crane with backgroundWhile limited in terms of capacity and span, the single girder crane design offers several advantages and benefits, making it the ideal solution for many applications.

They can be integrated into the building design, saving costs on the runway structure. The hoist trolley can go underneath the runway, providing the best end approach, and the low headroom design, especially with notched bridge beams, takes advantage of the runway depth.

The single girder crane design allows for a freestanding workstation bridge crane system that is exceptionally rigid due to the connection of columns to headers, and the headers to the runway. The system is also capable of interlocking to another crane or monorail.

Single girder bridge cranes are one of the most cost-effective lifting solutions because they are easier to install and maintain. Because they only require one bridge beam, they are more compact and lighter than a double girder crane, saving you money on materials, freight, installation, and maintenance.

Single Girder Crane Catalog at American Crane & Equipment Corporation

Our single girder cranes and custom engineered equipment are routinely used for applications that handle critical loads, such as rocket engines, spacecraft, nuclear fuel, and high explosives. Our single girder cranes include:

  • American Crane Top Running Single Girder Cranes with Packaged Hoist
  • American Crane Under Running Single Girder Cranes with Packaged Hoists
  • American Crane Custom Designed Single Girder Cranes for Specific Applications
  • American Crane Single Girder Top Running Crane Kit
  • American Crane Top Running Single Girder Cranes Class D with Wire Rope H4 Hoists
  • American Crane Custom Monorail Cranes

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