Custom Crane & Hoist Equipment FAQ

Custom Jib Crane on an Oil Rig At American Crane & Equipment Corporation (ACECO), we specialize in the design, procurement, manufacturing, and customization of specialty lifting machinery. Below are some of the most commonly asked questions regarding our manufacturing, design, and distribution capabilities.


What Factors are Considered in the Cost of a Custom Manufactured Crane or Hoist?

Quality, fabrication, design, engineering, materials, installation, and planning are all considered in the final cost of creating a custom hoist or crane. Post-fabrication cost considerations include inspections, factory testing, disassembly, and transportation. Additional variables include start-up and testing, operator and maintenance training, spare components, and final paperwork.


Can American Crane Help Me Pick the Right Equipment for a Specific Project?

American Crane offers a skilled sales and engineering staff that can guide you from design through installation of the best solution for your needs. The technical staff will expertly guide you through the process of building a solution that meets your requirements while keeping crane sizes and capacity constraints in mind.


How Far Can American Crane Deliver?

American Crane delivers products directly to customers’ facilities across the United States. Orders from outside the United States may be picked up at the local shipping port by local freight haulers.


Who Pays for Fuel?

The freight expenses associated with freight shipments, such as permits, escorts, and gasoline, are included in the price quoted by American Crane.


What Information Do I Need To Start the Process of Purchasing Custom Equipment?

The sales staff at American Crane can assist you in developing the best solution for your requirements upon provision of the conceptual design, your capacity, and any other specifications or constraints to aid our engineering team. Knowing what you need to move and how much capacity you need is vital to the design of your crane or hoist.


What Factors Should You Consider When Installing A Crane? 

American Crane will consider the following factors when preparing a crane for installation:

  • Site or facility access points 
  • Equipment lay-down locations and loads
  • Overhead and lateral clearance
  • Other size and movement limits

Each of these factors and locations is necessary to ensure proper equipment functionality after installation.


How Do You Choose A Crane Capacity?

The capacity of a crane is defined by how it is used, its service class, and the type of goods it will lift. We recommend accounting for future load weight fluctuations to ensure your lifting equipment remains compatible. A reserve buffer of at least 10% is suggested.


How Long Will My Crane/Hoist Take to Set Up?

The intricacy of the design, quality checks, site access, and industry specifications are all factors that influence the time it takes to install, set up, and test a product. Simple crane designs may be completed in a few hours, while complicated designs might take months. A schedule estimate will be available after the engineering team has completed the design process.


Custom Crane & Hoist Equipment from American Crane

If you are looking for a specialty crane or hoist to handle your next project, look no further than American Crane. As a custom equipment company, our experienced and knowledgeable team can help you custom design and manufacture a solution to handle any material easily. Contact us today for more information or request a quote to get started!