Die Handling Applications

American Crane & Equipment Corp. designs and fabricates high-capacity crane and hoist systems for continuous, robust service in some of the world’s most demanding environments; our machines can be found in steel mills, wastewater treatment plants, and aerospace manufacturing facilities, just to name a few.

We’re proud to specialize in building equipment to meet unique press shop requirements for die handling, with available solutions ranging from ¼-ton hoists to equipment capable of 1,000 tons of overhead lifting capacity.

Vertical Die Handling Equipment

Press shops frequently utilize vertical operations to allow for leaner die handling processes and improved efficiency. A vertical system can also reduce nonessential handling, especially in applications that frequently reuse stamping dies, while freeing up a significant amount of facility floor space, maximizing production volume for a given operation.

By implementing a vertical storage and retrieval system, stored items can be protected from potential damage while reducing tooling costs. Extremely versatile, these systems can be configured according to individual needs, accommodating dies, tooling, safety products, and more.

In addition, microprocessor controls, position indicators, and information displays can all help vertical systems work intelligently and incredibly quickly, boosting equipment uptime by streamlining tool location and retrieval. This streamlining also improves overall facility safety by eliminating the need for the awkward stretching, bending, and climbing often required to reach traditional shelving and rack systems.

Press Shop Cranes and Die Handling Operations

Die handling requires specialty equipment with precise operation. Most press shops employ a specialized die gripper or die lifter, handling each die with slings on all four corners for maximum stability. A die gripper crane operator can control its width and length using a radio controller, within +/- 20 mm.

To meet the high accuracy demanded in die handling, cameras can be mounted to the trolley or die gripper for full visual assessment. A radio controller can also be set to show camera views to the operator, allowing for easy positioning of the die gripper to the lifting pin.

Other available enhancements for these unique systems include:

  • Closed-loop inverter controls
  • Absolute encoders for hoisting position feedback
  • Laser systems for bridge and trolley position measurement
  • Strict mechanical tolerances and accurate movement control

Die Handling Equipment From American Crane

The American Crane family of machines includes lifts, cranes, and hoists — all designed for safe operation, optimal longevity, and reliable performance, as well as easy compliance with strict industry guidelines. Each piece comes fully supported by our comprehensive in-house quality assurance program, and we completely assemble and test each design prior to shipment.

Our in-house overhead crane experts are ready to help you find the best die handling solution for your operation. Download our buyer’s guide to learn more, or reach out to the team directly to discuss options for your specific application.