Paper Mills & Paper Rolling

Paper mills manufacture useable paper products from organic fibers sourced from a broad range of materials. Wood pulp is the most common material, but some areas of the world use cellulose plant fibers from other plants like bamboo or hemp. Recycled paper is often made from old processed paper such as newspapers, or from recycled rags or cloth.  

Heavy Lifting in Paper Processing

Paper mills require lifting equipment in all aspects of paper manufacturing, from moving raw materials for processing to lifting and stacking large rolls of finished paper. Cranes offer viable solutions for lifting and balancing heavy loads between various points in the mill. 

At American Crane and Equipment Corporation (ACECO), we build cranes that meet CMAA Specifications 70 or 74. We also offer cranes that meet standards such as ASME, NUM-1, and NOG-1. We can customize lifting solutions to the specific needs of any unique paper mill application.

Paper Mill Lifting Solutions from American Crane and Equipment

ACECO prioritizes quality, reliability, and employee safety in all our crane builds. Our industry-specific solutions can support a wide variety of weights and feature high-quality lift capacity, detailed designs, and in-house testing to ensure safe and efficient results. We maintain a full inventory of replacement parts and our service technicians respond to calls 24/7 to minimize operational downtime at your facility. 

For more information about our paper mill cranes or other industrial lifting solutions, please contact us or request a quote.

Paper Mill Lifting Solutions