Munck Cranes Brakes & Wheels Distributor

MunckMunck Cranes Inc. is a leading provider of standard and customized material handling solutions. From standard overhead cranes to specialized custom-engineered systems, Munck’s safe and effective solutions meet the needs of diverse and challenging environments. American Crane carries a comprehensive range of Munck Crane spare parts, including brakes, wheels, gears, and more. 


Munck Brakes 

Brakes are an essential component of all types of lifting systems. Hoisting units need to be equipped with one or more holding brakes, also called hoist brakes, to safely hold loads when the hoist motor is turned off. Additionally, control braking systems are also required to facilitate safe lowering speeds and prevent overspeeding.

American Crane carries several types of Munck brake components. These include:

  • Brakes
  • Brake covers and shock-absorbers
  • Brake springs
  • Brake drums and fans
  • And more

You can access our selection of Munck brake products by visiting our online store


Munck Wheels

Durable, high-quality wheels are a critical component of any crane setup. Crane wheels carry the weight of the crane itself as well as any load suspended from it and therefore must be built to withstand great pressure. Munck wheels are produced using the best materials and designed in a range of sizes to meet the needs of diverse lifting systems. 

American Crane offers a comprehensive assortment of Munck wheels:

  • Crane wheels. We offer Munck crane wheels with drive and idler sizes ranging from 160mm to 400 mm. We can also provide crane wheel drives with idler bearings and crane wheel double flanges with drive axles.
  • Trolley wheels. We can factory order complete trolley wheel idlers and drivers, drive wheels with bearings, and brake discs with lining, among many others.
  • Wheel axles. We offer flange axles, bolt axles with nuts, wheel axle drivers, and wheel axle idlers, to name a few.


Munck Gears

Selecting the most appropriate gears is an important decision in lifting applications. Gearboxes represent the majority of a crane’s weight, cost, and efficiency, making it essential to identify high-performing solutions. Munck gears are designed to reduce wear and power consumption, resulting in increased productivity and reduced cost. 

We carry the following Munck gear products:

  • Gear housing. Gear housings surround a gear box’s mechanical components, providing protection and support. Gear housings also form a fluid-tight container to house lubricant. 
  • Gears for hoists. Gear units for hoists feature shaft gear units parallel to the rope drum and motor. Hoist gears are available in several sizes with varying lifting speeds. 
  • Gears for motors. Many types of gears are used for motors, including ring gears, gears with shafts, and double gears, among others. 
  • Pinions and transmission gears. A round gear in the drive train, pinions are used for speed reduction and to increase torque.


Munck Gear Paraphernalia

American Crane carries many types of Munck gear paraphernalia, including rope drums, rope guides, rope sheaves, and more:


Munck Parts at American Crane & Equipment Corporation

Munck Cranes Inc. is a trusted name in material handling equipment and American Crane is your reliable source for all your Munck spare part needs. As an authorized distributor of Munck spare parts, we offer a comprehensive equipment catalog as well as engineering support and in-house machining services. Our dedicated Parts Group is available to answer any questions you might have and deliver convenient access to the components you need. For assistance in selecting the correct parts, contact us or request a quote today.