Gate Handling

Gate hoists are fixed, high-capacity lift devices mounted on autonomous structures at the spillway of reservoirs or dams. These systems are designed to offer precise operator control via remote adjustable frequency controls. Operators typically utilize digital positioning systems and various monitoring devices to ensure accurate and safe operation of the hoist system.

Gate Hoist Specifications

Spillway gate hoists are generally subjected to extreme load conditions. Therefore, it is essential that hoist systems are capable of maintaining reliability – even in the most hazardous environments – as their operation is usually integral to emergency situations. For instance, asymmetrical jamming of the gate between the guides can result in excessive loads on the hoist as the stall torque from the motor attempts to overcome opposing frictional forces. Hoists must also be capable of achieving a controlled descent of the gate in the event of power failure. 

By design, gate hoists are permanently attached to a single gate, and are operated remotely. Due to the nature of their operation, these devices are frequently required to operate in cold and damp environments.. As such, hoists must also be designed to resist corrosion and other detrimental environmental effects. These design features ensure limited worker exposure to harsh conditions, which improves operational safety. 

American Crane & Equipment Corporation’s gate hoist systems are all specially designed to enable the controlled release of water from reservoirs and dams. Our team of technical experts is qualified to engineer, design, fabricate, and assemble dam hoists of any size or configuration for any industrial application. Our hoist systems are also integrated with several reliability features to ensure trouble-free operation throughout their useful design life.

Gate Hoist Testing from American Crane

At American Crane, our experienced staff are certified to perform testing on any style or configuration of gate hoist system. Our test fixtures can simulate a wide range of gate loads to validate the structural integrity and design of your hoisting system. Some of the testing procedures American Crane can handle include:

  • Static lift load tests

The test fixture applies the full operating load to the gate hoist via a pull force on the cables. This test is used to validate that the hoist is appropriate for the intended lift load. 

  • Dynamic lift load tests

During this test, the test fixture applies the intended operating lift load while monitoring the hoist speed. This is useful to validate that the hoist is capable of lifting the gate at the speed intended by the design. 

  • Reserve lift capacity tests

The test fixture applies a load that is exponentially higher than the intended design load (e.g., 1.25X, 1.5X, or more). This helps ensure that there is extra load capacity in the system in the event of unforeseen or accidental loading. Reserve lift capacity tests can be run using either static or dynamic means. 

At American Crane, we offer reliable gate hoist systems that can operate even in the most demanding conditions, as well as a range of testing services for existing gate systems of all models. Our team is happy to work with you to help determine the most appropriate solution or test for your application. 

To learn more about how we can help you find the right gate hoist for your application, please contact us or request a quote.