Plant Outage Crane Support Services

Whether it’s a nuclear power plant, fossil-fuel power plant, chemical processing plant, or a Department of Energy site, a plant outage – whether planned or unplanned – relies on the performance of cranes and hoists to successfully get through the outage efficiently and safely. With many of these kinds of plants, even a one-day delay could result in utility costs of more than $1 million. 

The Importance of Plant Outage Crane Support Services

The operations that take place during an outage must be performed by knowledgeable, skilled personnel. Planned outages are opportunities that must be carefully planned in order to make the most of them. They are often the only time that corrective and preventive maintenance or inspections can be conducted. There will be a lot of people and equipment moving around during the outage, so make sure there is a plan to coordinate all of it, a clear chain of command, and communication if anything doesn’t go as it should.  

American Crane and Equipment Corporation (ACECO) offers a full range of plant outage crane support services for all types of plants, including nuclear plants. Our expert technicians can focus on preventative maintenance and OSHA inspections, and additional personnel can be placed on-site upon request in case unforeseen crane support issues arise. 

American Crane’s Plant Outage Crane Support Services

American Crane has extensive experience supporting nuclear power plants during planned and unplanned outages. When you contract with American Crane to provide crane support services during your outage, you’ll benefit from:

  • Our familiarity with nuclear site work management and quality program requirements.
  • Maintenance and inspection work performed by dedicated, skilled technicians familiar with all manufacturers’ cranes.
  • Availability of experienced crane outage supervisors to plan and lead outage activities.
  • Many service technicians with previous nuclear training and access badging.
  • Our ability to provide around-the-clock service technician support or on-call support.
  • Our capability to perform site performance and load tests, including providing calibrated test weights.
  • The implementation of latest equipment modifications.
  • Our experience performing electrical and instrumentation upgrades during short outage windows.
  • Outage support service reports, which can be provided upon request.
  • Access to American Crane’s parts department for expeditious delivery of required replacement parts.
  • Availability of engineering support services to quickly resolve unanticipated technical issues.
  • Expert consulting services.
  • The availability of large fabrication shop & electric panel shop.

If needed, we’re happy to provide references that can speak to our previous outage experience and services.

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American Crane also has specialized equipment for nuclear power plant outages, such as our Nuclear Telescopic Outage Jib Crane that can increase a plant’s material handling capacity up to 10 tons—and with full 360-degree rotation, telescoping boom, non-hydraulic design, and wash-down capability. All of these features can help speed up outages. To find out more about our plant outage crane support services and equipment, contact our site support team.