Bridge Maintenance

American Crane & Equipment Corp. offers a wide range of lifting solutions, from clean room cranes and wastewater treatment solutions to granite and marble handling equipment.

Our bridge repair travelers, one of our specialty solutions, are specifically designed to allow personnel access to bridge structures while ensuring optimal performance and safety. In fact, our team has successfully designed and installed – Bridge travelers for over 45 — and counting — of these unique devices.

Bridge Maintenance and Repair Processes

Bridges are both a critical and costly component of modern infrastructure; bridge failure can disrupt industry, commerce, the environment, and transportation, inconveniencing the public while incurring extremely high costs. Therefore, preventative bridge maintenance is a key element of structural stewardship, serving to ensure the safety of the public, conserve natural resources, and protect hefty financial investments.

Regular maintenance helps to eliminate the need for larger-scale repair and building work through the implementation of various upkeep procedures, including:

  • Cleaning activities
  • Routine railing repair and deck patching
  • Painting, coating, weatherproofing, and sealing
  • Specialized crack repairs
  • Adjustment of bearing systems
  • Expansion joint sealing
  • Technical repairs
  • Structural reinforcements
  • Stream channel maintenance, such as debris removal and bank stabilizing
  • Erosion correction

Bridge Maintenance Equipment

Bridge repair travelers are specially crafted under-running platforms designed to allow efficient access to a bridge structure. The self-propelled platforms provide safe, reliable personnel access to critical points while eliminating the need for inconvenient road and lane closures.

In addition to featuring self-propelled capabilities, American Crane’s bridge repair travelers are designed to facilitate all inspection and maintenance processes. Their features include:

  • Weather-hardened designs for heavy-duty performance, including specialized corrosion resistant coatings
  • Stainless steel, galvanized or plated construction on all non-painted surfaces
  • Optional features including Coast Guard Approved navigation lights, diagnostics, back-up motors, escape devices, emergency stop buttons, personnel seating, warning devices and telescopic extensions
  • Onboard man lifts

American Crane bridge travelers also feature SAFTRACK® technology with custom control software, providing safe access with the following unique benefits:

  • Ease of operation on flexible runways, as well as uneven or even misaligned runways
  • Custom solutions crafted using standard, field-proven crane components
  • Accurate Anti-skew technology designed to prevent binding
  • Independent controls for each traveler end truck assembly
  • Field Programmable acceleration and deceleration

Our bridge travelers can also be built with additional user-friendly features. Fully caged work platforms, non-slip operator platforms, and onboard man lifts all improve accessibility. Our redundant Drop Capture System prevents the traveler from separating from the bridge, and sophisticated system diagnostics ensure limited downtime. We also offer user-friendly, fully portable operator controls.

And as with all of our specialty equipment, we work to comply with all relevant industry guidelines and requirements, including OSHA, to ensure the safest possible operations.

Bridge Maintenance Solutions From American Crane

The team at American Crane is proud to offer high-performing crane and hoist solutions to meet the needs of some of the world’s most demanding jobs. Every piece of our custom-crafted equipment is backed by a complete in-house quality assurance program, and our bridge maintenance travelers undergo full operational testing under simulated conditions to ensure success in the field.

Learn more about our bridge maintenance equipment and other custom solutions by downloading our buyer’s guide or reaching out to one of our experts today.