At American Crane & Equipment Corporation (ACECO), we specialize in the design and manufacture of material handling equipment and systems. In addition to offering a range of standard lifting products, we maintain the technical capabilities to design, procure, fabricate, and machine custom solutions for highly specific customer needs.

Today, we are recognized as one of the world’s leading custom crane and other material handling equipment manufacturers. Customers across a diverse set of industries routinely use our custom-engineered products to handle critical loads, such as rocket engines, spacecraft, nuclear fuel, and explosives.

Looking for a specialty crane or other piece of material handling equipment for your next project?

Our engineering experts can design an innovative solution that fully meets your application requirements and restrictions, while our fabrication team can bring it to life.

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Our Custom Crane & Other Material Handling Equipment Capabilities

Over the years, we have had to create and fabricate custom crane solutions for a wide range of unique applications. This experience gives us the expertise to design and manufacture nearly every material handling equipment part or product imaginable. As a result, we can deliver a custom crane solution suitable for virtually any customer need.

Our capabilities include:

Design & Engineering

We can fabricate cranes that are engineered based on customer drawings. However, if the customer does not have an existing drawing or the resources to design it, our engineering experts can create it for them. Our custom designs are tailored to the requirements and restrictions of the specific application. The equipment can be fabricated in carbon steel or stainless steel, depending on the customer’s needs.

We offer the following engineering capabilities:

Mechanical / Structural

Mechanical / Structural

  • Mechanical and machine design
  • Structural design and analysis
  • Dynamic modeling and seismic
  • Failure mode and effects analysis


  • Complete control system design
  • Remote system design
  • Automated system design
  • Software development (including real-time graphics)
  • Explosion-proof design


Once we have the approved custom equipment drawings in hand, we manufacture the equipment using various fabrication and machining operations. Our facility is equipped with everything we need to produce a finished solution.

We offer the following manufacturing capabilities:



  • Plasma cutting
  • Welding (as per AWS D1.1, D1.5, D1.6, or D14.1 code)
  • Coating (epoxy and urethane nuclear coatings)
Manual and CNC Machining

Manual and CNC Machining

  • Turning
  • Vertical machining
  • Horizontal boring
  • Milling

ACECO’s Custom Crane Manufacturing Program

We can deliver custom cranes and other material handling equipment for a variety of unique needs, whether a customer needs an automated crane, cleanroom units, or explosion-proof equipment.

Our extensive equipment design and manufacturing experience allows us to integrate various enhanced safety features as needed.

Single failure-proof design Single failure-proof design
Explosion-proof design Explosion-proof design
Spark resistance Spark resistance

Industries We Serve Include:

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ACECO: Your Expert, Craftsman, & Partner for Custom Crane Needs

If you require a custom crane, ACECO can help you find the solution that works for your situation. Armed with extensive engineering experience and state-of-the-art design and engineering technology, we are here to serve as your expert, craftsman, and partner for all of your material handling equipment needs. To learn more about our custom equipment capabilities, check out our custom equipment catalog or contact us today.

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