Double Girder Cranes

Girders are large beams used in heavy constructions, such as bridges, buildings, and tunnels. However, because they are a special type of beam that provides horizontal support and can bear both dynamic and static loads, they also can be used in heavy-duty lifting equipment such as girder cranes.

Differences Between Single Girder and Double Girder Cranes

Double Girder Crane with Wire RopeTwo of the most common cranes for lifting heavy materials are single girder and double girder variations. Both of these cranes are overhead cranes — or, more specifically, bridge cranes, which have horizontal runways and a traveling bridge with a hoist. These cranes can operate quickly and often can be controlled by a remote system. Single girder cranes have a single girder along which the hoist travels, whereas double girder cranes have two parallel girders that the hoist runs between.

While both single girder and double girder cranes are strong and durable, they offer different lift and height capabilities. On single girder cranes, the hoist hook is attached below the girder with the assembly attached to the underside, which removes a potential 18 to 36 in. from its vertical lifting capacity. But in double girder cranes, the hoist is in the same plane as the girders and the hoist assembly is attached along the top of the girders, resulting in higher lift capabilities of taller loads.

Double girder cranes also are preferred for very heavy duty and severe duty, or D+ and E rated, respectively, lifting duties. This isn’t because double girder cranes have more power or duty classification. Instead, it’s because the double girder cranes tend to have more specialized equipment. Double girder cranes more practically incorporate a service platform for technicians to use as well.

Double Girder Crane Features and Capabilities

At American Crane, we specialize in creating rugged, heavy-duty cranes that suit various tasks and weight capacities. Each of our cranes is designed and manufactured for a high degree of operator safety and lifting capacity. Each of our cranes also comply with stringent industry requirements and standards set by the Crane Manufacturers Association of America (CMAA). Three of our popular types include:

Double Girder 3 Ton Crane Rotating Hook JobTop Running Double Girder Cranes

Our top running double girder cranes come in different lifting classes so you can choose the right equipment for your project’s needs. Choose between 3-ton, 5-ton, 7.5-ton, and other capacities up to 20 tons. These cranes also have fixed axle wheels.

Class D Double Girder Cranes

These cranes meet or exceed the standards for CMAA Class D lifting operations and can handle weight of up to 60 tons. These cranes feature rotating axle wheels: Cranes rated for 40 tons or less come with four wheels, and cranes rated for 40 tons or more come with eight wheels.

Custom Design Cranes

We can design and manufacture cranes that fit your unique project needs, including carrying capacities of up to 1,000 tons. Our team creates custom engineered lifting equipment and components that can handle extreme industrial needs. For example, our custom cranes are employed for aerospace applications, in operations at military sites, and at nuclear fuel facilities. Our custom cranes can be built with multiple girders and be designed for heavy-duty lifting needs under CMAA Classes A-F.

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Girder cranes have reliable heavy-duty lifting capacity and offer excellent performance at construction sites, mining sites, and industrial facilities. American Crane is the go-to industry expert for safe, reliable lifting equipment. We can design and craft custom cranes for specialized worksites, and we have an array of standard options. We are Your Expert, Craftsman, and Partner for all of your lifting needs. Contact us today to learn more about our manufacturing capabilities or request a quote for pricing details.