Load Testing Services

All cranes must be able to not only carry out their work efficiently, but also with a laser focus on safety. Load testing is one of the most critical aspects of crane safety. It ensures that the crane can be safely operated for a specific load while being compliant with government regulations.

At American Crane, we provide a wide range of load testing services and professional evaluations to assist in meeting various stringent standards and requirements. Our in-house vertical testing of load bearing equipment can be performed on:

  • Below-the-hook lifting devices
  • Hoists
  • Hooks

ACECO’s Experience

American Crane’s state-of-the-art facilities and equipment are capable of standard in-house 50-ton load testing capacities, with the ability to test devices up to 250 tons. Our qualified engineers oversee all operations to ensure strict compliance with the ASME B30.20, B30.10, and B30.16 as well as the ANSI N14.6. Testing can be performed in accordance with other specialized codes such as NRC: 10 CFR Appendix B to Part 50 at customer request. 

At American Crane, we provide all equipment needed for the testing of numerous load carrying devices. Engineering and manufacturing services are available to design and fabricate lifting fixtures for multiple load configurations. We also provide an assortment of calibrated weights for on-site testing outside of our facilities. 

In addition to our load testing services, American Crane’s staff includes dedicated professional welders capable of performing in-house, non-destructive weld testing and repairs in accordance with the AWS D1.1. Official certificates and reports all of load and welding tests are kept on file and can be provided if necessary. 

Load Testing Options 

  • Operational Tests

In accordance with OSHA Overhead and Gantry Cranes regulations, section 1910.179, all new and adjusted cranes need to be load tested. We perform a full spectrum of operational tests to ensure full compliance with these OSHA specifications.

As per sections 1910.179(k)(1)(i)(a-d), the following functionalities are thoroughly tested:

    • Hoisting and lowering
    • Bridge and trolley travel
    • Limit switches
    • Locking capabilities and functionality of safety devices

Additionally, OSHA 1910.179(k)(1)(ii) outlines that “the trip setting of hoist limit switches shall be determined by tests with an empty hook traveling in increasing speeds up to the maximum speed.” 

  • Rated Load Tests

Our rated load tests confirm and certify that the hoist or crane can safely accommodate the maximum load for which the equipment was designed. As per OSHA 1910.179(k)(2), our test loads do not exceed 125% of the maximum rated load unless specifically noted by the crane manufacturer. All rated test records and report are kept safely on file should they need to be retrieved for verification purposes. 

Knowing the pre-service load carrying capacity of your new or refurbished crane is of utmost importance for the safety and productivity of personnel and equipment. If you are interested in working with our team for your future load test and crane safety checks, contact us today.