Stacker Cranes

What Are Stacker Cranes?

Stacker CraneA stacker crane is a type of overhead crane system that utilizes a non-hoist load handling device (e.g., a mast that is suspended from a bridge trolley and equipped with forks or a gripper). In addition to the load handling device, the main system components include guide rails, an electrical supply system, and a data transmission/control system. Together, they enable the system to travel, pick up items, and lift/lower them within the facility. These functions make stack cranes a popular solution for automated storage and retrieval operations in industrial and commercial warehouses.

Features of ACECO’s Stacker Cranes

At American Crane & Equipment Corporation (ACECO), we are a premier designer and manufacturer of material handling equipment and systems. One of our core product offerings is stacker cranes, which are available in standard and custom variations. Key features include:

  • Stacker Crane Controls4,000-lbs. load capacity
  • Compatibility with multiple lifting attachments, carriages, and forks
  • Heavy-duty welded mast with 360° continuous rotation capabilities
  • User-friendly design with four motion motorized movement and pushbutton operator controls
  • Solid-state controls with variable speeds capabilities for smooth and precise positioning
  • 4-Bar insulated conductor system for trouble-free and continuous power supply
  • Mast-mounted floodlight for illuminating the floor
  • Trolley wheels that remain within bridge beams to prevent potential derailment
  • On-board operator cage, two hoist brakes, hoist overweight limit, hoist free fall catching system, and foot-controlled dead-man” safety switch “dead-man” for operator safety
  • Narrower aisle space requirements than conventional forklifts
  • Maximum stability at high positions, minimum sway at any elevation
  • Compliance with OSHA, NEC, and CMAA standards and regulations

Common Applications of Stacker Cranes

Stacker CraneStacker cranes find use in a wide range of industrial and commercial material handling operations. Typical applications include:

  • Warehouse and storage facilities. Stacker cranes are commonly used in warehouses and other storage facilities to move goods, materials, and equipment within and between locations. Compared to forklifts and conveyor systems, they are much more versatile since they are less limited by aisle size.
  • Metal handling facilities. Metal handling operations often involve the storing, transporting, and pouring of molten materials, which can pose a significant health and safety risk to employees if the proper equipment is not used. Stacker cranes and other overhead crane systems are stable, durable, and reliable, making them an ideal solution for safely handling the materials.
  • Car manufacturing facilities. In car manufacturing facilities, stacker cranes are employed to lift, transport, and position automobile parts for various operations, including assembly and storage.
  • Shipping and logistics facilities. Automated storage and retrieval systems are widely utilized in shipping and logistics facilities, especially in large ones or ones that receive/ship a large number of goods. Stacker cranes are often a key component of these systems.

Stacker Cranes From ACECO

Stacker cranes are a useful tool for industrial and commercial facilities. By lifting, moving, and positioning goods, they help keep material handling operations running smoothly and efficiently.

Looking for quality stacker cranes for your facility? ACECO is here to help! We are your expert, craftsman, and partner for all material handling equipment needs. We can provide you with a standard or custom solution that suits your exact application. To learn more about our product offerings, contact us today. To discuss your product requirements with one of our representatives, request a quote.