Quality Assurance & Testing

ACECO places the highest importance on maintaining a robust and effective quality assurance program that benefits the company’s reputation as a global provider of safety related and important to safety products and services.  ACECO’s QA program has been audited by numerous customers and is maintained on the approved suppliers list of nuclear, DOE, and DOD clients.

ACECO has graded levels of quality programs available to match its customers’ specific quality program needs.  These programs range from a nuclear quality assurance program (QAM-96) to a standard commercial quality program (SQP-96).  American Crane’s Nuclear Quality Program (QAM-96) provides complete compliance with 10 CFR 50 Appendix B and NQA-1.  An Augmented Standard Quality Assurance Program (ASQP-96) can be implemented that embodies many elements of and meets the intent of ISO 9001.  ACECO’s ASQP-96 program is job specific and augments the standard quality program with applicable implementing procedures from our Nuclear Quality Assurance Program (QAM-96) to meet or exceed the customer’s contract requirements. 

American Crane’s Nuclear Quality Program 

American Crane’s Nuclear Quality Program and implementing procedures address the full 18-point nuclear quality criteria.  This program has been used to provide safety related, single failure proof cranes and trolleys to nuclear power plants for dry spent fuel storage projects as well as other critical lift material handling applications.

ACECO incorporates a three-prong approach to maintain an impeccable quality assurance program:

  1. Comprehensive quality procedures
  2. Thorough implementation of the processes identified in the procedures
  3. A culture of ownership and accountability of ACECO’s Quality Program by all employees

Key Features 

American Crane’s Nuclear Quality Program encompasses the scope of company activities.  Key features include:

  • Program led by management with extensive commercial nuclear, DOE and DOD experience
  • Experienced in-house engineering staff to implement a mature design control program
  • Experienced field services group
  • Welders and procedures qualified to AWS D1.1 and meeting AWS D14.1 qualification requirement.
  • AWS Certified Weld Inspectors
  • In-house nondestructive testing (NDT) availability
  • EPRI NP-5652 compliant commercial grade dedication program
  • ASME NOG-1 inspection and testing capability
  • In-house audit and surveillance capability
  • Nuclear Service Level 1 Safety Related Coatings
  • Plant load test with 200-ton test capability
  • CWB Certification to CSA Standard W47.1

If you would like to learn more about our quality assurance and testing programs, contact us today.