Field Services

Situations occasionally arise in which an on-site professional is necessary to maintain crane efficiency and minimize operational downtime. American Crane is staffed with experienced and qualified technicians to support all your on-field needs ranging from regularly scheduled maintenance to spontaneous emergency site visits. Our engineers can quickly diagnose problems and revert to our facilities, where we can swiftly fabricate and refurbish a variety of hoists or supply spare parts for different kinds of lifting equipment. 

Our Services

At American Crane, we provide a wide array of on-field services to deal with almost any emergency on-field situation. Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • 24 hour a day, 365 day a year availability for on-field service and repair
  • Crane & hoist inspections, modifications, upgrades, and rebuild inspections performed in accordance with OSHA standards and conducted by Columbus McKinnon (CMCO) certified crane inspectors
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Installation services
  • In-house engineering & manufacturing support
  • Free site visits and competitive quotes
  • Well-stocked inventory of crane components and parts from a variety of suppliers including American Crane, Munck, & a variety of CMCO brands
  • Columbus McKinnon (CMCO) certified warranty and repair center

Additional Field Services

  • Crane Retrofitting

After completing an on-field inspection, evaluation, and analysis, our engineers can provide crane retrofit recommendations to restore the crane’s reliability and performance. Retrofitting can be a feasible alternative to part replacement and upgrade. 

  • Load Testing

At American Crane, we stock a multitude of calibrated weights as well as hoist equipment for on-site load testing away from our facilities. Our qualified on-field technicians have years or experience conducting crane load tests using water or static calibrated weights. 

  • Installation

Our field team is always equipped with the appropriate tools and equipment to perform safe on-site installations. 

  • OSHA Compliant Inspections

American Crane’s technical staff is qualified to perform a variety of hoist and crane inspections in compliance with OSHA specifications. 

With our field services, we bring our team’s expertise right to you. If you would like to learn more about our field services or find out more about how our crane field engineers can assist you in your unique application, contact our support team today!