Cranes and Hoist Systems for Finishing Mills

Metal finishing mills require more than just high-quality finishing equipment to ensure materials leave the plant in top condition and all processes are conducted safely and efficiently; they also require high-performing, reliable material handling equipment.

American Crane & Equipment Corp.’s specialized finishing mill cranes provide the assurance these facilities need to guarantee optimal efficiency and ease of operations.

High-Performance Aluminum Mill Cranes

Cranes crafted specifically for aluminum mills are typically rated Class D, E, or F, and are designed to accommodate heavy-duty, heavy-load carrying. Offering superior performance and allowing for reduced mill maintenance, our aluminum mill overhead and gantry cranes feature the following parts and accessories for optimized material handling:

  • Deep hardened wheels
  • Continuous-duty motors
  • High-performance Class H insulation
  • Base-mounted gear reducers horizontally split with helical gearing
  • Self-aligning spherical roller wheel bearings
  • Heavy-duty sheaves
  • Motions equipped with variable speed drives
  • Optimized bridge, hoist, and trolley gearing
  • Bridge speeds up to 400 FPM
  • Rope drums with hardened grooves

High-Performance Steel Mill Cranes

The steel industry must also make use of top-quality, reliable material handling equipment; cranes used in steel mills must be able to handle extremely heavy loads and harsh environments.

To meet specific industry needs, a wide range of specialized steel mill cranes are available, some of which are outlined below.

  • Slab steel mill cranes — Designed to endure high temperatures and harsh environments, these cranes help ensure safe, reliable slab handling. Slab steel mill cranes offer uncompromising smoothness and safety assurance.
  • Scrap steel mill cranes — Designed specifically for heavy scrap management in steel manufacturing, this equipment is also engineered to endure high temperatures and harsh conditions with smooth, safe, and reliable operation.
  • Tundish cranes — Tundish cranes are designed specifically for tundish handling and material management in steel processing. These cranes are adaptable, reliable, and offer superior safety assurance.
  • Coil and plate handling cranes — Crafted for both indoor and outdoor facilities, these cranes are available in a wide range of tonnage capacities and sizes; they can be built to span 10.5 to 31.5 meters and can be engineered to manage 5 to 550 tons.
  • Billet steel mill cranes — These cranes are designed for lifting the most difficult steel loads: molten metal, steel coils, steel byproducts, and mixed materials, and so on. Typically, billet steel mill cranes consist of either a single or double bridge, a crane traveling rail, a trolley, and an electromagnetic carrier beam, with up to a 31-meter span and up to a 550-ton capacity. Designed with safety as a top priority, billet steel mill cranes can manage high or drastically fluctuating temperatures and offer some of the most versatile and reliable handling options available.
  • Ladle cranes — These cranes offer smooth operation and sophisticated safety features for ladle handling of liquid loads in steel manufacturing.

Finishing Mill Solutions From American Crane

With over 40 years of experience building crane and hoist solutions for some of the harshest applications around the world, American Crane is proud to offer specialized solutions for metal finishing and processing mills.

We also offer material handling equipment, hoist systems, and cranes for various other industries, including marble and granite processing, shipping, waste management, and energy and nuclear production.

To meet varying needs, American Crane offers a range of solutions, from ¼-ton hoists to equipment with 300 tons of overhead lifting capacity.

Our cranes and hoists routinely exceed CMAA duty cycle requirements for service classifications A through F, and we also back every unit with a comprehensive in-house quality assurance program and thoroughly test each product prior to shipment.

To learn more about our custom steel-industry tools, mill-equipped cranes, and lifting solutions, reach out to the team today. We’re here to answer any questions you may have.