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Duct O Wire PartsDuct O Wire is a leading supplier of electrical and control products for hoists, stacker-retrieval systems, trolleys, monorails, cranes, and material handling projects that require safe and cost-effective solutions. Duct O Wire products that we carry include:

  • Conductor bar systems
  • Push-button pendants
  • Industrial festoon systems


Duct O Wire Parts at American Crane

American Crane and Equipment Corporation carries a wide selection of products from reputable companies like Duct O Wire. Whether you need a pendant, conductor bar, or festoon system, our product line has a solution that will fulfill your application’s needs.


Conductor Bar Systems

Conductor bar systems are used for mobile equipment, conveyors, hoists, monorails, trolleys, and overhead cranes. These systems are a reliable and economical way to deliver electric power from a source to the equipment.

A conductor bar system uses a sliding conductor installed parallel to the running device. Once the power source is switched on, the collector picks up the electric energy and transfers it directly to the electric device through the sliding contact between the rail and carbon brush. This design eliminates most of the safety hazards associated with exposed conductors and even provides higher amperage.

Benefits of conductor bar systems include heavy-duty construction, which means it is reliable even in corrosive or wet environments. It also functions optimally with exposure to sunlight and extreme heat or cold. Check out the full collection of Duct O Wire conductor bar systems on our online store:

  • 8-Bar Conductor Systems
  • Figure 8 Conductor Bar Systems
  • Totally Enclosed Figure 8 Conductor Systems
  • Side Contact Figure 8 Conductor Systems
  • Heated Figure 8 Conductor Systems


Festoon Systems

Festoon systems are mobile supports for overhead cranes, port cranes, refuse cranes, Jib cranes, and other material handling equipment. These systems connect the host to the crane’s power bar electrification system. They also guide and protect cables and air or water hoses, ensuring that moving equipment continues to get hydraulic fluid, compressed air, or power supply while in use.

A typical festoon system includes an end clamp, a control unit that automatically or manually shifts to and fro, and reels or trolleys that secure and support the moving wires during operation.

Festoon systems are convenient and long-lasting, organizing cables to lie on top of each other for maximum efficiency. They can withstand high speeds and are quick to install. Browse our line of Duct O Wire festoon systems on our online store:

  • Flat Festoon Cable
  • Aluma-Track Festoon
  • Quick-Plug® Plug and Receptacle Components
  • Connectors for Flat Festoon Cable Systems
  • Flat Beam Trolleys
  • Wire Supported Festoon
  • Components for Flat Festoon Cable Systems
  • Structural Beam Trolleys
  • C-Track Festoon Systems


Push Button Pendants

Push button pendants are attached to cranes to allow operators to control the crane’s movements and individual parts. There are three main types of movement: moving the crane along the runway, positioning the hoist laterally, and moving the hoist vertically.

Duct O Wire pendants are highly versatile, ranging from simple and ergonomic to complex and heavy-duty. Depending on the application, push button pendants can be small, two-button enclosures or multi-function solutions. Here are the push button pendant solutions we carry from Duct O Wire:

Visit our online store to browse the complete list.


Industry-Leading Duct O Wire Products from American Crane

High-quality control and electrification products are vital to safety and efficiency in overhead crane, material handling, hoisting, and other load-lifting applications. Contact us today to learn more about American Crane’s products and services, or request a quote to begin your project. To shop for all our Duct O Wire parts, go to our online store