Cranes for Automated Applications

In the industrial sphere, certain environments and types of work are inherently more dangerous than others, requiring stringent safety measures and high-quality, reliable equipment. In material handling applications, for instance, cranes for automation provide a dependable, efficient solution for moving heavy loads while ensuring workers’ safety.

The American Crane and Equipment Corporation is proud to offer a full line of material handling solutions for automated applications.

Why Choose Automated Handling Equipment?

Automated cranes are ideal for use in abrasive, toxic, or flammable applications; if not properly handled, oil refining byproducts, toxic chemicals, and molten metal all pose serious hazards and health risks to workers. Automated handling, however, allows operators to work from a control room rather than a crane cab, maintaining efficiency while minimizing dangerous exposure.

These cranes also spare operators from the fatigue of highly repetitive handling processes. Through automation, the monotony of duty cycles, repetitive lifting and positioning, and continuous stacking and storage processes are able to be managed mechanically. This significantly reduces the risk of accidents while increasing accuracy and efficiency.

Common Applications for Automated Cranes

Crane systems automation offers a full range of additional control factors to improve productivity, safety, and precision in a workplace, no matter what the industry. Some of the most common applications include:

  • Product handling and factory inventory management
  • Aircraft maintenance and assembly
  • Paper rolling and processing
  • High-volume container cargo handling
  • Die and machine shop handling

Fully automated handling systems, on the other hand, can control a complete intralogistics system with a single computer program. For applications such as load management, storage, or tool changing, these cranes can be designed to connect production, storage, and shipping systems through every motion, from load pickup to deposit sequences.

Automated Handling Solutions at American Crane

Offering both semi-manual and fully automated systems, American Crane brings over 45 years of experience and insight to every project we handle. Depending on your application’s requirements, our staff of in-house experts will work with you to choose between standard, semi-manual, and fully automated systems.

American Crane offers a wide range of automated material handling equipment, from bridge cranes, transfer carts, and 2-ton stacker cranes to waste handling cranes. To learn more about any of these models, or to discuss how fully automated process cranes can help with your next project, contact our crane experts.