Furnace Charging Equipment

American Crane & Equipment Corp. designs and fabricates equipment to withstand some of the harshest environments on earth. Our specialty crane and hoist systems provide robust, continuous, and uninterrupted service for steel mills, shipping facilities, wastewater treatment plants, and aerospace operations, among many others.

For instance, we custom engineer scrap and ladle handling cranes to safely transport molten materials with maximum security and load control. These tools can range from ¼-ton hoists to equipment capable of 1,000 tons of overhead lifting capacity, and are built to meet and exceed the requirements of service classifications A through F.

Furnace Charging and Loading

Industries such as steel manufacturing must routinely handle extremely hot loads throughout the production process. Transporting scrap and liquid steel, metals, and other molten material to furnaces requires equipment that is specially designed to handle high-risk loads, potential chemical corrosion, and high furnace temperatures.

A furnace charging system is designed to deliver charge material to allow for optimal use of melting systems, whether in steel manufacturing or other applications. These systems come in various configurations and with a range of operational modes, but all charging cranes and conveyors must be equipped with the following features:

  • The ability to transport both scrap and liquid
  • Optimal protection from flames, corrosive chemicals, and radiated heat
  • Reliability for a continuous production process
  • An emphasis on safety and precision
  • High lifting capacities 

Furnace Charging System Types

Cranes, conveyors, and bucket charging systems all offer different advantages for furnace charging operations. All deliver charge material with reliability and safety in mind, though each offers its own set of advantages.

  • Cranes — A crane equipped with electromagnetic lifting devices picks up charge materials from a holding area to be moved to its next destination, such as a weighing hopper. Electromagnetic tools, while strong, reliable, and safe, can be more sensitive to furnace heat than other furnace charging systems. 
  • Belt Conveyors — Belt conveyors offer a long list of advantages, including low noise, minimal dust, and exceptional efficiency. These machines offer one of the most effective ways to move charge material from lower to higher levels.
  • Vibrator Conveyors — Extremely mobile and heat-resistant, a vibrator conveyor is the most versatile and rugged of all furnace-charging systems. These systems can be arranged in fixed positions for holding, weighing, consolidating, and transferring charge materials. A vibrator conveyor is an ideal equipment choice for feeding charge materials into a full-power induction furnace.
  • Bucket Charging Systems — Best for facilities with significant overhead space, bucket charging systems are useful for filling, moving, emptying, and returning buckets. Bucket charging systems are clean and create minimal noise. For safety purposes, these systems require charge drying or preheating systems.

Furnace Charging Solutions From American Crane

American Crane has been designing and fabricating safety-optimized, reliable lifting solutions for over 40 years. Our machines are known for their long life spans and high quality, and each unit is fully assembled and completely tested prior to shipment, as well as supported by our comprehensive quality assurance program.

To learn more about our furnace charging equipment and specialty cranes, download the American Crane buyer’s guide or reach out to an in-house expert today.