Coke Handling Cranes and Hoist Systems

Manufactured from coal or petroleum to create a highly porous, pure, high-carbon fuel source with superior heat shielding, low or no smoke, and very low water content, coke is used in a wide range of applications. The process of coking, however, creates an extremely harsh environment and there for choosing the most reliable overhead crane equipment is crucial.

Coker cranes and coke handling systems must be able to withstand high temperatures and byproducts such as residual ash, intense sulfur concentration, tar, and volatile matter, as well as emissions such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen.

At American Crane and Equipment Corp., we can design custom cranes that are able to reliably perform in the corrosive, harsh conditions of coke pits. We also offer grapples, spreader beams, and custom lifting solutions of all kinds to help get the job done below-the-hook.

High-Performance Coke Handling

Single-leg gantry type cranes with cantilevers, fixed hoppers, and traveling hoppers provide ideal, long-lasting solutions for coke handling.

Bridge-type cranes with fixed hoppers are also particularly well-suited for use in these applications, and, to further enhance crane performance, various special features and options are available, including:

  • Larger drum sizes — To reduce wire rope stress by mellowing the sharpness of standard drum curvature
  • Additional wire rope storage space — For ease of removing and repairing damages, as well as adding length, allowing the rope to be re-reeved up to three times
  • Built-in overwrap preventers — Designed to protect the rope from wrapping in the opposite direction in the event of a load drop
  • High-performance components — Bearings, fittings, and gears specially calibrated for harsh wear and tear
  • Load cells — Added to drums to prevent overloading and unbalanced loads

Crane Automation in Coke Handling Applications

Coal-gas, coal-tar, coke dust, and overall coke-oven emissions can be extremely dangerous, and are highly regulated by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health). The wastewater from coking — a concentrated, toxic byproduct — also contains sulfides, cyanides, and phenolic organics, among other dangerous materials.

Automated cranes offer a reliable, high-performing material handling solution for these severe environments, increasing safety and optimizing ease of operations. In addition to reducing exposure to green petroleum coke, coke dust, and other hazardous materials, these coke handling systems also:

  • Relocate operators from cranes to control rooms, reducing errors and increasing efficiency
  • Help to optimize organization, inventory management, and storage space
  • Streamline the process of storing and retrieving products, materials, and containers
  • Eliminate the risk of accidents caused by human error and fatigue; no need for human operator to manage extremely repetitive processes 

Coke Handling Solutions From American Crane

American Crane offers industry-leading design and fabrication services, with capacities ranging from ¼-ton to 1,000 tons. We have over 40 years of experience building solutions that exceed CMAA duty cycle requirements and meet service classifications A through F. We will design coker cranes for you that are exceptional when it comes to longevity, safety, and reliability, and routinely meet and exceed industry guidelines.

Every unit we produce is supported by our comprehensive in-house quality assurance program, and is fully assembled and completely tested prior to shipment. To learn more about our custom coker cranes, services, and lifting solutions, reach out to the team today.