Coke Handling Cranes and Hoist Systems

Coker cranes feature specialized design elements that make them uniquely suited to challenging environments. For example, coke handling cranes are safely operated from a control room, reducing the risk of accidents due to human error. Additionally, if a system were to fail, a spare structure would start up, preventing an immediate shutdown. Features like these are essential to coke handling applications. 

Crane Automation in Coke Handling Applications

Coker crane automation is also essential for hoist systems, which use mechanical or electro-mechanical power to lift objects and support hanging loads. Coker cranes are hooked to the hoist and optimize safety in lifting operations. 

American Crane also offers a number of custom capabilities to enhance safety at your project site. One example is a spark-resistant air hoist, which adds a layer of protection in applications where explosions may occur. Explosion-proof hoist systems feature an electro-mechanical overload protector as well as an emergency stop button. These types of cranes and hoist systems are used in the most hazardous locations, where explosions and exposure to dangerous, corrosive chemicals can occur regularly.

Coke handling and hoist systems can be further customized to a variety of heights, lifting capacities, and more.   

Industries That Utilize Coke Handling Solutions

Many industries operate in challenging environments and rely on crane automation to perform their work safely. The technology of coke handling cranes and hoist systems is a necessary part of heavy lifting in the following industries:

  • Aviation: In this industry, heavy objects need to be moved along assembly lines throughout ongoing construction projects. Due to their accuracy and reliability, overhead cranes are the best tools to use especially when moving expensive components. 
  • Concrete manufacturing: Overhead cranes are highly efficient at moving large and heavy concrete premix and precast. Typically, gantry cranes are used outdoors while bridge cranes operate inside the factory. 
  • Metal manufacturing: Extreme temperatures and heavy materials require specialized equipment to ensure worker safety. The metal manufacturing industry uses automatic cranes to handle molten metal with specialized attachments. 
  • Power plants: Power plants must remain functional at all times, so they rely heavily on automated crane technology to quickly fix any problem that arises. Overhead cranes also save vital workspace and deliver the dependable performance required by this demanding industry.
  • Shipbuilding: Because ships are large, heavy, and complexly shaped, the shipbuilding industry relies on the freedom of movement and stability that overhead cranes—especially gantry cranes—can provide. 
  • Transportation and automotive: Overhead cranes unload large containers from ships, boosting the speed and efficiency of the transportation industry. In the automotive space, overhead cranes increase efficiency on assembly lines by moving materials between stations. 


Coker crane handling can be either fully automated and semi-automated. Each type has varying capabilities and benefits. However, in both types, manual control is always available when needed, such as when dealing with an unanticipated task. 

  • Full automation: These systems operate without humans in the interface and can be run from a remote operating station, which is ideal for dangerous environments. An operator is still required to oversee the system and assist it with certain tasks that are best suited for human operation. 
  • Semi-automation: One level above manual control, semi-automation occurs when the operator activates certain tasks in the system. 


Coke handling cranes and hoist systems make it easier to work in dangerous or hazardous environments. Automated cranes increase efficiency in many industries—like transportation, aviation, and concrete manufacturing—and can be operated from a safe distance.

American Crane has over 40 years of experience delivering industry-leading lifting solutions. We design coker cranes that provide exceptional safety and longevity while exceeding industry guidelines. Each unit we produce is supported by our comprehensive quality assurance program and is shipped fully assembled. To learn more about our custom services and lifting solutions, contact us today or request a quote