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Why the Classic Lodestar Electric Chain Hoist is the Industry’s Top Choice

Why the Classic Lodestar Electric Chain Hoist is the Industry’s Top Choice

Electric chain hoists are essential tools, engineered to lift and move heavy loads with precision and ease. Among the diverse models and brands available in the market today, the Classic Lodestar electric chain hoist is the industry’s top choice. Discover why its balanced, integrated and proven design, boasting a range of special features, distinguish it from the rest.


The Classic Lodestar features hardened, forged steel, latch type hooks and Hoistaloy load chains ensuring long, dependable service with up to a 3-ton capacity. Designed for longevity and quiet operation, the gear train is lubricated with non-oxidizing grease for a lifetime of smooth performance. Its straightforward installation and low-maintenance design are among the many reasons this product remains a favorite.

Special Applications

This U.S.A. made electric chain hoist offers customizable special features to meet diverse operational needs. The Classic Lodestar is built to withstand harsh environments, making it ideal for severe duty applications such as plating, galvanizing, and washdown processes. With options like creep control, users can achieve precise positioning through adjustable time delay settings. Its climbing capability makes it suitable for temporary rigging or lifting applications in the inverted position.

Chain Storage

The Classic Lodestar offers an alternative to its standard metal chain container. The standard metal chain container is convenient for slack chain storage and includes a security cable for added safety. Alternatively, the fabric chain bag, suitable for chain weights up to 300 pounds, offers high tensile and tear strength, excellent resistance to ultraviolet rays, mildew stains, rot, and weather. Its lightweight, flexible material dampens noise and avoids shrinkage, making it perfect for outdoor environments.

Lifetime Warranty

One of the standout aspects of the Classic Lodestar electric chain hoist is its lifetime warranty. Coupled with the hoist’s inherent durability, this warranty makes the Lodestar an excellent long-term investment for any industrial setting. The Classic Lodestar has stood the test of time and continues to be a reliable choice for industries worldwide.

Built to Last

The Classic Lodestar electric chain hoist is the industry’s top choice due to superior design and outstanding features. Its efficient performance makes it ideal for any industrial lifting needs. Let us be your trusted partner in the industry and lift your operations to new heights. Whether you’re looking for a new product or replacing an old one, American Crane & Equipment Corporation has an extensive range of parts and products on our online store ACECO Products. Contact us today and see why ACECO is the preferred choice for overhead crane systems, hoists and material handling equipment.

Join Us At The Used Fuel Management Conference!

Did you know that nuclear energy generates on-demand electricity around the clock? Not only is nuclear energy’s potential huge for providing power to millions around the world, but it is also essential in keeping the environment healthy as well. As climate change continues to make headlines, the need for reliable, clean and efficient energy is only going to become more essential.Used Fuel Management

With that in mind, American Crane & Equipment Corporation, a leading manufacturer of cranes, hoists and other material handling equipment, is pleased to attend the upcoming Used Fuel Management Conference, which will be held May 5-7 at Omni ChampionsGate in Orlando, Florida. The Used Fuel Management Conference is hosted by the Nuclear Energy Institute, or NEI, of which American Crane is a proud member. The purpose of the conference is to help educate fellow NEI members and non-members on the importance of nuclear energy and how to operate an efficient facility.

Monumental for Fuel and Energy

The Used Fuel Management Conference is one of the premier industry events for the likes of nuclear plant managers, fuel storage project managers, licensing and compliance personnel, architect engineers and more. At Booth 1101, American Crane will be highlighting its cranes, hoists and specialized lift systems for the commercial nuclear industry.

“We’re really pleased to attend the Used Fuel Management Conference,” says Jami Rubendall, Vice President, Commercial Nuclear, American Crane & Equipment Corporation. “As the premiere event in nuclear energy, and as proud members of the Nuclear Energy Institute, we look forward to meeting like-minded professionals and showcasing how American Crane equipment can help their plants operate at maximum efficiency.”

The Used Fuel Management Conference will kick off Tuesday, May 5 at 7:30 a.m. for registration before the sessions begin from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Later that day, from 6 to 7:30 p.m., a welcome reception will be hosted by the NEI. Conference sessions will be held from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Wednesday, May 6 and then conclude with 8 a.m. to noon hours on Thursday, May 7. On-site registration is $775 for NEI members and $1,350 for non-members.

Stop by Booth 1101 at the Used Fuel Management Conference to see how American Crane & Equipment Corporation can help with your operations. See you in sunny Florida at the Omni ChampionsGate! To learn more about American Crane’s products and services for the commercial nuclear industry, visit our nuclear industry resources page.

Talk to American Crane at the 2014 American Nuclear Society Utility Working Conference

Since 1994, the Operations and Power Division of the American Nuclear Society (ANS) has held an annual Utility Working Conference (UWC) for leaders in the nuclear industry to focus on the immediate needs, challenging issues, and ongoing developments within this quickly changing sector. Over the years, the event has grown into an exhibition with over 650 industry professionals in attendance. We are pleased to confirm that American Crane will be attending this year’s show in Amelia Island, Florida from August 10-13.

Crane for Dry Spent Fuel Storage

Crane for Dry Spent Fuel Storage

The 2014 Utility Working Conference will be filled with numerous educational sessions, exhibits, activities, and other events for attendees to learn from and network with those in the nuclear energy industry. We look forward to showcasing our cranes, hoists, and other specialized lift systems for the nuclear industry.

We supply failure-proof replacement cranes and trolleys for dry spent fuel storage operations, as well as custom designed systems for required applications. Our in-house engineering team ensures that all products will function in a safe and effective manner, and our Nuclear Quality Assurance Program complies with 10 CFR 50, Appendix B, and ASME NQA-1 quality standards. We even have a full-time service group dedicated to regular crane maintenance.

If you’re planning to attend this year’s Utility Working Conference, be sure to visit us at booth number 406. Speak with our knowledgeable representatives and see how our specialized nuclear lift systems can be incorporated into your plant operation.

Visit American Crane at Booth #14 at the NEI Used Fuel Management Conference

For nuclear power plant professionals, including fuel managers, compliance personnel, engineers, suppliers, contractors, and more, the Nuclear Energy Institute has created the must-attend Used Fuel Management Conference. The event will bring together attendees from all areas of the nuclear supply chain and include informational sessions to improve efficiency and management of used fuel in the nuclear industry.

The Used Fuel Management Conference will be taking place from May 6-8, 2014 at Renaissance Vinoy in St. Petersburg, FL. Each day will feature a continental breakfast before delving into the day-long schedule of activities. About 250 used fuel specialists are expected to attend, making it a great opportunity to network and show off products and services that support the growing nuclear industry.

As a leading provider of cranes, hoists, and other specialized lift systems for nuclear industry, American Crane looks forward to meeting with representatives from other companies in this field. We even supply failure-proof replacement cranes and trolleys specifically for dry spent fuel storage operations, which is especially pertinent to the Conference’s target audience. In addition, our trained staff is well-versed in the regular maintenance of plant cranes to ensure proper function when dealing with spent nuclear fuel storage.

American Crane will be exhibiting at Booth #14 at the Conference. Stop by to learn more about our products and services and how they can address your nuclear plant needs. You can also stay in touch by following us on Twitter. We look forward to meeting you!

Visit Us at the Waste Management Show February 24 – 28

Everyone at American Crane is pretty excited about attending and showing at this year’s Waste Management Show. The WM2013 is the must-attend international conference for those in the radioactive materials handling industry. The WM Symposia, a non-profit organization dedicated to education and opportunity in waste management, hosts the conference, which runs from February 24-28, at the Phoenix Convention Center (PCC). It features a wide variety of speakers, seminars, and panels and is expected to attract over 2,200 people from 25 countries.

The theme of the WM2013 is “International Collaboration and Continuous Improvement.” The highlights will include:

  • David G. Huizenga (Senior Advisor US DOE)
  • Mark Corey (Assistant Deputy Minister Energy Sector Natural Resources Canada)
  • Congressman Doc Hastings (WA 4th District)
  • Plus 500 technical papers and over 100 technical sessions

Of course, it won’t be all work and podium lectures. There will be plenty of opportunities to mix and mingle with the movers and shakers of the radioactive material handling world, plus access to all of Phoenix’s fun activities.

Bottom line: if you are planning to attend WM2013, make sure to drop by Booth #503 and visit with the experts from American Crane. We would love to see you and show and tell you why we are a leading manufacturer of cranes, hoists, and other material handling equipment. If want to learn more about WM2013 you can visit their website or drop us a line for more information.