“Why use Overhead Lifting Solutions?” – American Crane & Equipment can help provide the answer!


Employees move in and out of manufacturing facilities and shipping/receiving areas throughout a normal work day. Overhead Lifting Systems work within a specific area and limit an employee’s exposure to potential accidents caused by dangers like forklift traffic. Overhead Lifting Systems move products safely.

Reduce Costs Associated with Accidents:Why use Overhead Lifting Solutions?

Have you considered costs associated with OSHA citations, lost work time, replacement of an injured employee, medical expenses, increased workers’ compensation rates, and potential lawsuits? These issues cost employers billions of dollars each year, making the purchase of safe lifting and moving systems not just ideal, but a practical and cost saving proposition.

Ergonomic Solutions Combat Workers Compensation Claims:

According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), back injuries cost American industry 10 to 14 billion dollars in workers’ compensation costs and about 100 million work days annually. In the past, light loads were lifted manually contributing to the statistics of job related injuries due to repetitive movement, over-lifting, and uncommon body positioning. Installing a lifting and moving solution that limits the amount of manual handling by your employees is a good measure to prevent physical injury. Whether from a floor to a work bench or on and off an assembly line, handling 50 pounds or 50 tons; Overhead Lifting Solutions can be the smart choice. American Crane & Equipment Corporation can provide you with an Overhead Lifting System designed to safely and productively move your products.

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