The Nuclear Literacy Project

Did you know that rocks, bananas, and even the human body contain natural radioactivity?

Many people simply do not know a lot about nuclear energy and nuclear power plants. That’s where the Nuclear Literacy Project comes in. They aim to educate the world about the positive aspects of nuclear energy and promote the facts about nuclear waste and radiation. Did you know that nuclear energy is also the largest source of carbon free electricity in America? One way that the Nuclear Literacy Project has found to promote these nuclear energy facts is through a venture called Nuclear Tourism, which documents travelers’ visits to nuclear museums and historical sites through a series of online journal entries.

“The Diary of a Nuclear Tourist” is written by individuals who travel all over North America and Europe to visit these fascinating sites and spread the word about nuclear energy. The “tourists” write about their experiences and what they have learned, as well as post pictures of their visits. American Crane is proud to sponsor one of the tourists, Suzy Hobbs Baker, who is a nuclear energy advocate and the executive director of PopAtomic Studios. The goal of her adventures is to help others understand how nuclear technology works and how nuclear energy affects our daily lives. Suzy wishes to explore the reasons that some countries have embraced nuclear technology and others have dismissed it completely.

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